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Stainless Steel Pilasters for floor mounted partitions. Toilet partition pilasters are the support system for any Bathroom Partition stalls. These are mounted to the floor with an overhead aluminum headrail to keep the top supported and braced. Pilasters go on both sides of a door. All partition doors hinge and close onto a pilaster. Global partitions is a leading in manufacturing bathroom toilet stalls. Pilasters are generally 1-1/4" thick and have various widths. Most overhead braced pilasters are 82" high. All pilasters include floor hardware and stainless steel shoe that is mounted at the floor to cover up the hardware associated with floor hardware.

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    Hadrian Smooth Stainless Steel Pilasters ship out in 48 hours for quick delivery's. The pilaster includes the stainless steel shoe and floor hardware. Hadrian's pilaster has a u shape at the top for a headrail to slide into and bolt to to stabilize the partitions better.

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    Hadrian Instructions Stainless Steel

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    Global partition stainless steel pilasters manufactured by Global partitions. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. Stainless Steel Pilasters Include floor mounting hardware and Stainless Steel Shoes. Pilaster widths available 2-24" overhead braced for 82" height that attaches to an aluminum head rail at the top.

    Global Stainless Steel Color Chart

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