Toilet Partition Systems for Commercial Restrooms

Toilet partition systems will have common features and functions across the partition manufactures. The different elements within partition systems will be focused on the pilasters mounting, while the doors and panels remain the similar across brands.

Overhead braced floor anchored is the most common type of partition system in the United States. This is where the pilaster mounts to the floor and is 81” in height. This pilaster connects to an aluminum head rail to keep the top stabilized.

If a floor mount only toilet system is selected, this has a height of 70” with no support at the top.

Floor to ceiling mounted toilet systems are supported by your floor and ceiling.  This type of partition system is commonly used for heavy traffic areas.

Ceiling hung toilet partition systems are used to help the maintenance crew clean up quicker since no partitions are actually touching the floor. This type of toilet partition system is not recommended due to your system will be shaky with no floor support.

Material and Hardware Options for Toilet Partition Systems

Different material types include powder coated steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic (HDPE), solid phenolic in black core or color thru and stainless steel partitions.

Material Options:

  • Powder coated steel is the most economical and used most often in commercial businesses, schools, churches, office buildings and more. Powder coated steel ships quickly with most factories. Traditionally the doors use a concealed turn latch for locking the partition door. This product has two face sheets of painted steel with honey comb card board on the inside for support; all edges are welded and smoothed out.
  • Plastic laminate is used in office buildings, churches and commercial buildings. This product uses surface mount slide latches for locking the partition doors and has wrap around hinges traditionally. This product has six sides of laminate from Formica or Wilson art laminate companies. The core of the material is particle board with laminate on all sides. This product can ship out as soon as 48 hours, typically a 2-3 week lead time with most manufactures.
  • Solid plastic material is 1” thick and color all the way through. This product also uses wrap around aluminum hinges as a standard with other options. Solid plastic is great for high traffic areas like schools, bars, moisture areas. This product will never rust, bend or break and can last up to 30 plus years. All manufactures offer this product; some can ship as little as two business days, and most are 1-3 weeks out.
  • Stainless Steel partition systems are a great choice for high traffic areas, not schools. Mainly in high end restaurants, airports and other commercial businesses. This is constructed of two stainless steel sheets with honey comb cardboard in the middle to keep separated and have smoothed edges for a perfect finish with easy maintaining.
  • Solid phenolic is a hard surface material that also has a smooth surface. This material also is for high end restaurants, country clubs and any area with moisture. Black core phenolic has black on all 4 edges and the face sheets are a Formica or Wilson art laminate. Color thru phenolic is color all the way through it.

Hardware Options:

  • Chrome plated zamak (most common)
  • Cast stainless steel
  • Stamped stainless steel
  • Aluminum

Shipping and Delivery

The manufacture and toilet partition system selected will greatly determine your lead time.

Most toilet partition systems require a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of 3 weeks to ship. That said, a one week delivery is certainly feasible with the right brand and configuration.

We’d be please to help you determine what you need to get started. Visit the partition quotes information page to request pricing or get additional information.