A shot close to the floor of a public bathroom, creating a perspective effect in which hardware for floor-mounted partitions are shown sweeping up from lower left to top center on one side, and the other side is the tile floor upon which they rest.

Partition Hardware

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A perspective photo of a very long and very white bathroom with sinks and mirrors on one side, a severe number of globe lights overhead at equal intervals, and white tile on the floor in brick pattern with dark grout. Opposite the wall of sinks and mirrors are a long row of black toilet partitions. Every partition door is propped open by a white waste basket, creating a repeating effect. A single blue and grey mop bucket sits in between the two sides and offers the only spot of color in the room.

Solid Phenolic

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A perspective shot of a bathroom aisle banked on either side with 16 total stainless steel bathroom partitions, overhead brace, installed wall-to-wall style.

Stainless Steel

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A perspective photo of a row of floor-mounted urinal partitions.

Urinal Partitions

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Wide angle, perspective view of public restroom in which the mirrors shown reflect mirrors on the opposite side creating an optical illusion. The image contains many commercial bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers, mirrors, and paper towel dispensers with built in waste receptacles.

Commercial Bathroom Supplies

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Bathroom Stalls, Bathroom Partitions, and Commercial Bathroom Partition Hardware

As a leading supplier of commercial bathroom partitions and hardware for over 35 years, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the perfect solution for your next project. At Partitions and Stalls, we only carry superior commercial bathroom partitions, parts, and accessories from trusted, top-name brands in the industry.

Whether you're looking to do a complete renovation of your commercial restroom or simply replacing a few bathroom stalls, we can help. We provide everything you need from custom and stock bathroom partitions to door pulls, latches, and restroom accessories.

We work with a variety of institutions and facilities including schools, corporate offices, churches, gyms, businesses and warehouses, so we understand the needs of each unique customer.

We can help you with selecting options, sizing, and preparing custom orders that best fit the requirements for your bathroom stall installation. You can rely on Partitions and Stalls to deliver durable, high-quality products with fast delivery.

Start your order online or contact us at 1(800) 642-2403, our U.S. based support.