Solid Plastic Pilasters for floor mounted partitions. Toilet partition pilasters are the support system for any Bathroom Partition stalls. These are mounted to the floor with an overhead aluminum headrail to keep the top supported and braced. Pilasters go on both sides of a door. All partition doors hinge and close onto a pilaster. Global partitions is a leading in manufacturing bathroom toilet stalls. Pilasters are generally 1" thick and have various widths. Most overhead braced pilasters are 80" high. All pilasters include floor hardware and stainless steel shoe that is mounted at the floor to cover up the hardware associated with floor hardware.

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  1. Global Partitions Solid Plastic Pilasters

    Global partitions solid plastic pilasters manufactured in the USA. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. Pilasters Include floor mount hardware and stainless steel shoes. Available for the following widths 3-24" and are 1" thick by 80"ht

    Global Solid Plastic Color Chart

  2. ASI Headrail

    ASI Headrail is designed for use with Global and Accurate Partitions. This headrail was introduced in May of 2023 and offers a lower profile than the previous design which is no longer available. The ASI Headrail comes in three headrail thickness options: 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4". Options for length are 65" or 98" which can be cut down to size needed. Being constructed of extruded mluminum, allows for the headrail to be durable and easily customizable. Headrails are use to help stability restroom toilet partitions and give a finished look. Installed a top of pilasters or also used to connect a back wall to a pilaster. Often used in conjuction with ASI Headrail Retrun Kit (9A8448).

    Known as Manufacturer Part# 8440651, 8440981, 8460651, 8460981, 8450651 and 8450981.

    Also known as Part# 9A846534, 9A849834, 9A84651, 9A84981, 9A8465114, and 9A8498114.

    As low as $51.00
  3. Hadrian Solid Plastic HDPE Pilasters

    Ordering Online All Solid Plastic (HDPE) Pilasters Manufactured by Hadrian Partitions, see color chart below. For other factory colors please call for pricing. All panels ship from the factory after 5 business day, plus 2-4 days travel. Note 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16",20", 23", 24 x 82"ht are available. The pilaster includes the stainless steel shoe and floor hardware, all is for 1" thick material.

    Hadrian Solid Plastic Color Chart

    Hadrian Partition Solid Plastic Instructions


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