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Selling products for a limited time only. Shop today and save on bathroom parts, accessories and partitions. All partitions and parts on sale today with coupon code. For fast toilet partitions delivered please see partition quotes tab. Most Commercial toilet partitions are delivered in 1 week or less. We offer all material types with many options and upgrades. Any questions please call us at 800-642-2403.

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  1. Privacy Cover


    The Privacy Cover is Great for Bathroom Partition Door Gaps. Block's gaps between door and pilaster for both sides. Includes 2 per package, one for each side of door, 58" Tall.  The Cover is just under 2" wide with the clear rigid vinyl mounting strip being 7/8" wide, and the cover being 1-1/8" wide. This product ships in an oversize box ground. This product is not recommended for solid plastic partitions, HDPE or solid polymer material. This is great for powder coated steel, plastic laminate, stainless steel and solid phenolic materials only.

    The informational and installation video are shown in the Description Tab below. In Stock for quick deliveries.

  2. Hadrian Stainless Steel Panels

    Hadrian Smooth Stainless Steel Panels are available with panel kits that include the brackets for the back wall and the pialster. All smooth surface stainless steel panels ship out in 48 hours and usually take 2-4 days travel. We offer a wide range of sizes, All partition panels are 1/4" less than the size and are 58" height. Partition panels are mounted 12" off the floor.

    Hadrian Stainless Steel Color Chart

    Hadrian Instructions Stainless Steel

  3. Hadrian Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Screen

    Hadrian smooth surface stainless steel wall mounted screen's ship out in 48 hours for quick delivery's. Standard chrome plated wall brackets are included. Privacy screens are 48" ht and available are 18" or 24" width. Most orders are delivered in 3-5 business days.

    Hadrian Stainless Steel Color Chart

  4. Hadrian Steel Stall Panels

    Hadrian partition steel stall Panels are available with many colors to choose from and sizes. Quick ship colors will ship in 48-72 hours. Usually one week delivery time for those colors. There is a 3 week lead time for non stock colors. The color chart shows an American flag which indicates a quickship color. All bathroom panels come with standard chrome plated panel kits which includes two each u brackets and two ear brackets. Stainless steel hardware is available as an option. The panel widths are 14"-76" wide are available. All panels are 1/2" narrower than panel size and are 58" in height.

    Hadrian Color Chart

    Hadrian Instructions Powder Coated

  5. Hadrian Partition Wall Mounted Privacy Screen Steel

    Hadrian Wall Mounted Privacy Screen's in powder coated are available in 48" heights by 18" or 24" wide. Standard chrome brackets are included. Wall hung screens are great for between urinals or a sink and urinal. The colors that are marked with an astris or has a usa flag on the color chart are a quick ship and take 48 hours to ship, then 2-4 day travel delivered any where in the usa. we also offer continuous aluminum and stainless steel brackets for extra support.

    Hadrian Color Chart

    Hadrian Instructions Powder Coated

  6. Global Steel Panel

    Ordering online all global partitions in powder coated panels are Manufactured in the usa. All toilet partition panel's ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. All hardware chrome plated included. Available in 16"- 76". Actual width is 1/2" less. (58" Height). Panels are 1" thick.

    Global Partitions Color Chart

  7. Global Partition Stainless Steel Dividers

    Global partition stainless steel panel dividers are manufactured in the USA. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. stainless steel panels Include 4 standard chrome plated brackets. Available for the following widths 16"-76" Actual width is 1/2" less.

    Global Stainless Steel Color Chart

  8. Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Foam 4 Gallons Included

    Selling Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Foam by the gallon form. This is used for bulk fill type dispensers. This product includes 4 gallons of product per order. This is best used with foaming dispensers whether they are automatic or manual.

  9. Accurate Partition Steel Panels

    Accurate Toilet Partition Panels are easy to reinstall when replacing. All panel dividers come with standard chrome panel kits, with upgrades to stainless steel hardware. Accurate offers 16"-76" wide panels. All panels are 1/2" less than the width size. Panles are 58" height which are mounted 12" off the ground.

    color chart


  10. Accurate Partition Urinal Privacy Steel

    Accurate partitions urinal privacy wall mounted steel material are great for between two urinals, between a urinal and sink or a privacy for the entrance of the restroom. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. Wall hung 1" thick by 42" , 48" and 58" high panel. Available in the following widths  18, 22, 24, 28 widths. Specify part # 9SWHS-XX (where XX is the screen width) x 42", 48", 58"ht screen. Two Standard Chrome Plated Brackets included.

    Accurate Steel Color Chart

    Accurate Steel Instructions

  11. Stall Stash Clear Acrylic

    Stall stash is a plexiglass restroom partition attachment that protects phones, purses, and belongings at stalls, urinals. The sanitary conditions of restrooms are more important than ever. Stall Stash improves the safety and comfort of restroom visits by eliminating the concerns of water damaged devices, forgotten or stolen property, and most importantly, exposure to germs and bacteria. For 7/8" door or 1" doors. Measures 18-3/16" x 7" x 5-1/2"

    As low as $40.25
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