Sanymetal Bathroom Stalls | Sanymetal Partitions

Sanymetal bathroom stalls were available in a variety of materials including powder coated steel, stainless steel, solid plastic, solid phenolic, and plastic laminate.

These bathroom partitions are no longer available, however, we can help you find great alternatives, layout your new design, and assist with pricing.

History of Sanymetal Partitions

Founded in 1916, Sanymetal is the oldest and one of the most recognized brands of toilet partitions in the United States. For almost a century, Sanymetal partitions have been installed in a multitude of commercial office buildings, public and government facilities, sporting facilities, hospitals, YMCA clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, and school systems.

Sanymetal’s restroom stalls could be mounted as floor anchored with overhead braced installation, ceiling hung, floor anchored, or floor to ceiling anchored. They were available in a variety of color options.

They made durable toilet cubicles for high volume restrooms and they were a great choice for bathroom enclosures, dressing rooms, shower stalls, partitions and urinal screens.

Shipping Information and Availability

Sanymetal replacement hardware is available including:

Due to Sanymetal going out of business replacement doors, panels and pilasters can be replaced by any manufacture. The colors will not match, but all the brackets and hinges will work with old Sanymetal products.