If you’re the designer of a building or if you’re in charge of maintenance for a facility, you’ll probably find it’s important to know how to take proper care of the restroom. Making sure the restrooms in your facility are family friendly is key. You can find family-friendly accessories for your commercial restrooms on our online store.

At Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls, we sell Koala Kare changing stations and Koala accessories on our website for an affordable price. With our online assortment of Koala accessories and Koala diaper changing tables, you have the option to make your commercial restroom more welcoming to growing families.

We only provide our customers with hardware and equipment from trusted brands. Because Koala Kare changing tables have become so popular and commonly used, we rely on their company to manufacture some of the most high-quality diaper changing stations and childcare accessories on the market.

You’ve probably noticed the Koala Kare logo in many commercial restrooms. This can include restrooms in restaurants, movie theatres, grocery stores and even in office buildings.

Being a designer, architect or building owner means selecting the best products and accessories for the people who visit your building. Choose Koala Kare changing stations for your commercial restroom if you’re aiming to be family inclusive.

Koala Diaper Changing Tables

Koala Kare is known for those baby changing stations with a koala bear logo that you often see when you enter a public restroom. The company manufactures several different types of Koala Kare changing stations, so you can pick what style and shape you want for your commercial restroom.

Many of the polyethylene Koala changing tables with steel parts also come in different colors so you can decide which color will go best with your restroom design. Take your pick from classic colors such as white granite, cream, grey, earth, sandstone and more. You can also choose whether you would like horizontal baby changing stations or vertical baby changing stations in your facility’s bathroom.

You might also want to consider the stainless steel Koala changing stations. The stainless steel Koala Kare changing tables have several different mounting options. Determine whether your bathroom would look best with a recess mounted horizontal or vertical Koala changing table or a wall mounted vertical or horizontal Koala changing station.

Your Koala Kare changing stations can also be surface mounted on countertops. These are perfect for if your restroom has limited wall space and more room on the countertops.

Koala changing stations come with straps to keep the infant secure and some come with bag hooks for hanging purses on.

Koala Kare also manufactures a child protection seat that is intended for securing a child in the restroom or fitting room. The straps secure the child in the seat giving their parents a chance to try on clothing in a fitting room or wash their hands in the bathroom.

Be sure to check out our selection of Koala changing tables right here on our online store.

Koala Accessories

Koala Kare also makes a line of childcare related accessories for use in commercial restrooms. One of the products they make is plastic liner dispensers. These sanitary liners can be used between the baby and the Koala changing station to prevent the spreading of germs. The dispensers are plastic so that maintenance workers can see when they need to be restocked.

The company also manufactures stainless steel diaper dispensers that can be used by inserting a coin, perfect for parents or guardians who need a spare diaper on the spot. This product allows you to select which coin setting you prefer.

At Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls, we sell these products on our online store. You can easily order the product you need and refer back to this page when you have other facilities where you want to incorporate Koala changing tables.

About Koala Kare Changing Stations by Bobrick

We’d be surprised if you’ve never seen the comforting little koala bear on baby changing tables in commercial restrooms. Those Koala Kare changing stations have been around for over 25 years and are still very common.

Koala Kare Products is a division of Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. They manufacture Koala diaper changing tables and Koala accessories for convenient childcare in public restrooms. The Bobrick baby changing station company Koala Kare is headquartered in Centennial, CO.

Bobrick and their Koala Kare division focus on keeping their manufacturing methods environmentally friendly. Many of their products are partially made from recycled contents.

Questions About Diaper Changing Stations

Feel free to ask us any questions you have about Koala Kare changing stations and Koala accessories for your commercial restroom. We can help you decide what Koala Kare baby changing stations and Koala accessories will work best with your specific design.

We are dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied with every purchase of Koala Kare changing tables. Our main goal is that our customers are happy with the products that they ordered from us.

Email us at Sales@PartitionsAndStalls.com with your Koala changing table inquiries. We are ready to assist you.

With over 35 years of industry experience, RB Partitions and Stalls is a name you can trust to provide you with childcare accessories and diaper changing stations from leading manufacturers. We commonly work with facilities that have public restrooms such as educational institutions, athletic centers, churches and more.

You can depend on our expert advice to assist you in choosing the best Koala changing table products when developing a first-rate commercial bathroom design plan.

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  1. Koala Horizontal Mounted Baby Station

    Koala KB200 horizontal surface mounted changing station is made of polyethylene. Full length steel piano hinge for better support with 11 gauge steel mounting bracket. A gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close. Overall dimensions are 35-3/16"w x 22-1/4"ht x 4" depth. Four colors to choose from, cream, grey, earth and white granite.

    As low as $519.92
  2. Koala Wall Mounted Stainless Baby Station

    Koala KB200-SS horizontal surface mounted changing station has a sleek design and color palette matches modern restroom design. Type 304 stainless steel veneer panel integrates with other satin finish accessories in your restroom.The steel on steel hinge has a greater resistance on wear and improve durability. A gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close. Overall dimensions are 35-3/16"w x 22-1/4"ht x 4" depth. Two colors to choose from grey and white granite.

    As low as $958.87
  3. Koala Oval Wall Mounted Baby Station

    Koala KB208 horizontal oval surface mounted changing station is made of high density polyethylene. The steel pivot rod secured in a metal tube offers sustained resistance to wear and improve durability. A gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close. Overall dimensions are 34"w x 21"ht x 4" depth. Three colors to choose from grey, sandstone and grey granite.

    As low as $519.92
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