Toilet Partition Pilasters for Commercial Restrooms

Toilet partition pilasters are the support system for commercial restroom stalls and compartments. The pilasters are on both sides of a door and provide support for door hinges.

The most common types of pilasters are floor mounted, overhead braced partitions. The pilasters are mounted to the floor and are 80” in height. They connect to an aluminum head rail for support at the top. All partition pilasters include a stainless steel shoe and floor hardware.

We offer five different materials for pilasters and four different ways to brace your partitions.

Pilaster bracing options:

  • Floor mounted pilasters with overhead bracing is the most common option with ninety percent of the United States restrooms use this style.
  • Floor mounted pilasters are 70” in overall height and only mount to the floor for support.
  • Floor to ceiling braced pilasters are great for high traffic areas that need extra support at the ceiling and floor.
  • Ceiling hung pilasters are only suspended from the ceiling. If this is your option, we recommend continuous stainless steel brackets for extra support.

Material options for toilet partition pilasters:

Shipping options:

Delivery times can range between four business days to four weeks. This timeframe will be dependent on the manufacturer selected. Normal pilasters can ship out in 48 hours and are delivered to you within one week.

We can provide recommendations for obtaining your restroom stalls quicker. Some brands do offer next day shipping on certain materials with up charges.