Urinal Partitions

Urinal partitions are typically found in the men’s restroom and offer extra privacy in commercial businesses. In most cases, the privacy screen will go between two urinals or a urinal and a sink.

There are a few options with mounting urinal partitions:

  • Wall mount screens are mounted straight to the back wall only and then to the panel screen for support, nothing touches the floor.
  • Wall hung mounted screens are available in 12”, 18” and 24” width, with an available height of 42” or 48”.
  • For extra privacy and extra strength we offer a floor mount pilaster with panel, floor to ceiling post & panel and an overhead braced type that uses a head rail and pilaster at 80” height with a panel.

We have found there are many other uses for these products. These work great for inside or outside of the main bathroom entrance doors as they provide extra privacy when the main door is opening and closing and you can see people washing their hands.

There are also many different material types that can ship quickly and usually one week delivered:

  • Powder coated steel is the least inexpensive and is mostly used throughout commercial businesses. Powder coated is a painted metal that is sprayed on and then baked through an industrial oven to adhere the paint to the steel.
  • Plastic laminate is also a good product for office buildings, churches and small businesses. Laminate uses a particle board for the core and has six sides that are laminated to the particleboard.
  • Solid plastic is a very long lasting a tuff surface that is an inch thick and will never bend, break or rust. This product is great for schools, YMCA’s and high traffic areas with or without moisture problems.
  • Stainless steel is a product you usually see in airports, restaurants, country clubs and more. The gleam beauty of stainless steel makes for an attractive restroom experience.

Solid phenolic is a high end durable, long lasting 30 + years. The product is similar to the solid plastic, but is a harder surface and very smooth with options of color thru or a black core type that the edges of the privacy’s are black in color. Both face sheets are a type of laminate for different looks like stone, marble and others.

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  1. Accurate Partition Urinal Privacy Floor Mounted Steel

    Accurate partition urinal privacy floor mounted for powder coated steel. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. All standard chrome plated brackets included. Floor Anchored Urinal Screen with a 70" high pilaster and 58" high panel. Privacy are used between urinals,  a urinal and a sink or extra privacy at the entrance of the restroom. The width of the privacy screens available are 16"-76"x 58"ht. 

    Accurate Steel Color chart

    Accurate Steel Instructions

  2. Hadrian Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Screen

    Hadrian smooth surface stainless steel wall mounted screen's ship out in 48 hours for quick delivery's. Standard chrome plated wall brackets are included. Privacy screens are 48" ht and available are 18" or 24" width. Most orders are delivered in 3-5 business days.

    Hadrian Stainless Steel Color Chart

  3. Global Partitions Solid Plastic 10' Post & Panel

    Global partitions solid plastic HDPE 10' post & panel is Manufactured in the USA. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. 1-3/4" square post up to 120" maximum with 55" high panel. This works great for entrances of bathrooms to add privacy when people walk in. See sizes below that are available for quick shipping. All privacy kits included standard aluminum hardware.

    Global Solid Plastic Color Chart

  4. Global Partitions Solid Plastic Braced Urinal Screens

    Global partitions solid plastic HDPE for overhead braced privacy dividers manufactured in the USA. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. All standard aluminum brackets included. The kit includes 6"x82" pilaster, panel, headrail and all the hardware to assembly. This works great for a privacy near the main restroom door.

    Global Solid Plastic Color Chart

  5. Global Partitions Stainless Steel Urinal Screens

    Global partition stainless steel wall hung urinal screens are manufactured in the USA. All toilet partitions ship in 48-72 hours plus 2-4 days travel. Standard chrome plated brackets included. Available for the following widths - 12", 18" and 24", Actual width is 1/2" less.x 48"ht screen.

    Global Stainless Steel Color Chart

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