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Order American Sanitary Parts For Toilet Partitions

Are you looking for American Sanitary partition parts for your American Sanitary brand partitions? At RB Partitions and Stalls online, we have a whole assortment of American Sanitary hardware sets to pick from.

The process of designing or constructing a public restroom can be made a lot simpler if you know where to get your supplies. If your facility’s restroom has American Sanitary partitions already in place, then having a designated distributor to come back to when you need American Sanitary partition parts is key. It will save you a lot of time an energy overall. 

You can choose from our selection of over 15 different American Sanitary partition parts that will work with your partitions of the same brand. Keep us in mind for the future, too, as there will probably be multiple instances when you will need to order replacement American Sanitary partition parts for your commercial restroom’s stalls. 

Shipping American Sanitary Supply Orders

If you are able to place your order of American Sanitary partition parts before 2:00 pm EST, it will usually be shipped the same day depending on the American Sanitary partition parts you selected. To get a better idea of what we have in stock at our warehouse, look at the Lead Time in the item’s product description. Lead Time: In Stock indicates that the American Sanitary hardware is in our warehouse and all set for shipping. However, the American Sanitary hardware you selected will ship from the factory if the Lead Time is 1-2 days.

We have just the American Sanitary replacement parts you need to get your partitions back in working order. Read our product descriptions on each American Sanitary hardware product for a full description of what it is used for, what it is made of and how the product works. For any further questions, please be sure to email us at and ask away. 

Our American Sanitary Products Selection

Choose from a few different types of American Sanitary hinges in our selection. Make sure you know the type of American Sanitary hinge that will function most accurately with your partitions. We have top and bottom American Sanitary hinges that are made of stainless steel or you can choose the American Sanitary Zamac die cast metal hinges. American Sanitary top and bottom hinges are sold separately.

Maybe you only need to replace part of your American Sanitary hinge, though, in which case, we have a few American Sanitary partition parts that just might work. We have an American Sanitary pin to use with top hinges, that has been composed from zinc plated steel. The other American Sanitary hinge pin option is made specifically for use on plastic laminate toilet partitions. This American Sanitary pin is made of threaded steel.

Our web store also has the American Sanitary bottom hinge insert and top hinge insert which both have Zamac die cast metal construction. Both of these American Sanitary hinge inserts can be used on 1" toilet partition doors. Other American Sanitary hinge products we have include the hinge pintle and nylon cam. 

We offer two American Sanitary coat hooks on our online store. One of the American Sanitary coat hooks comes with two hooks for hanging purses and coats, and the other comes with a rubber bumper. Both of these bathroom stall hooks are made of Zamac die cast metal, so it just comes down to what functions you prefer it to serve.

Plus, let’s not forget the American Sanitary toilet partition slide bolt latch. Privacy in public restrooms is imperative, so replacing an American Sanitary latch in the public bathroom you are designing should be immediate.

Our staff members at RB Partitions and Stalls are pleased to be providing individuals with quality, heavy-duty, and well made American Sanitary products. We have a few more American Sanitary partition parts in our list in case you are searching for something else, so feel free to keep browsing. 

Available American Sanitary Hardware Material

  • Chrome plated Zamak (most common)
  • Zinc plated steel
  • Threaded steel
  • Nylon plastic

About American Sanitary Partition Corporation

American Sanitary Partition Corporation has been manufacturing partitions and stall parts that architects and designers trust since 1932. Their partitions come in many colors and different material options including phenolic core, solid plastic, stainless steel and more. 

The American Sanitary hardware and stall manufacturing plant is currently located in Ocoee, FL. Here at RB Partitions and Stalls, we are glad to offer American Sanitary products online and to make the buying process easy on designers and building maintenance managers around the globe. We ship items from our American Sanitary supply throughout the U.S., Canada and overseas for customer convenience.

American Sanitary Supply Distributors

Our collection of American Sanitary products ranges from American Sanitary partitions to American Sanitary partition parts. The American Sanitary hardware that you can order from our website all have product descriptions, but you may still have questions about which American Sanitary products are the best fit for replacement on your restroom stalls. 

We want your order to contain the correct American Sanitary partition parts that your bathroom stalls require, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you would like more information about any American Sanitary hardware item and how it is to be used. Give us a call or send us an email, and tell us your inquiries. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are the perfect source for finding answers about your American Sanitary products order.

Get more information on American Sanitary partition parts by browsing our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog.

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