Do you know who made your partitions for the restrooms in your commercial facility? If you’re a building designer, architect or the primary owner of an establishment, it’s important to know who made the partitions and stalls in the building’s restrooms in case you ever need to order replacement parts.

Accurate Partitions Corp. is a common partitions brand that you will often see in commercial bathrooms. We sell the Accurate partitions parts that they manufacture. We have two pages of our online store dedicated to Accurate partition hardware, so start scrolling to figure out which part you need to trade in.

Like most hardware, toilet partition parts can break, rust or wear out over time. Thankfully, old Accurate partition parts can be easily swapped out for new parts and you can order them right here at Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls online. 

RB Partitions and Stalls is a leading distributor of commercial bathroom partition hardware. We only sell our toilet partition parts from top name manufacturers. 

We trust the high-quality Accurate partition parts that Accurate Partitions Corp. has been manufacturing for decades. We are pleased to sell the Accurate partitions door hardware that our customers can count on.

We have plenty of products to choose from on our Accurate partitions replacement parts pages. We designed our site so that our customers can search by category for quicker assistance. Just click on the Accurate partitions company hardware page and start browsing our selection of Accurate partitions parts.

Affordable Accurate Partitions Replacement Parts

If the partitions in your facility have a turn latch system, then you might have noticed the Accurate brand name on the outside of the door. Most partitions factories have their own door kits, and one of them that Accurate makes is the turn latch.

Note that Accurate has a new door kit that has been available since January 2013. If your partitions are older, then you would use the old style hinges, keepers and turn latches. If you are unsure of which of these Accurate partition parts your stalls require, let us know and we can assist you.

Your accurate partitions latch can also have the slide bolt design. You will commonly see this standard slide bolt latch in commercial restroom stalls. The design allows you to slide the bolt open and closed to lock and unlock the stall door. Decide which material works best with your restroom style, whether it be Zamac die cast metal or stainless steel construction.

Aside from Accurate partitions latch systems, Accurate partitions can have a number of parts that need to be changed out over time. One of the Accurate stall parts we sell is the ADA door kits that can be used on Accurate metal doors. 

The ADA door kit comes with several parts. This includes hinges plus ADA concealed latch and screws to make your stall door ADA compliant. Take your pick between new style and stainless steel options.

We even sell Accurate Partitions Corp.’s replacement coat hook for restroom stalls. This one-inch-long coat hook also comes with a rubber bumper to prevent scrapes and marks on stall material. It is perfect for hanging coats, purses and bags when using the restroom. For these, you also have the choice of Zamac die cast metal or stainless steel construction.

We have other Accurate partition parts on our online store including Accurate Door Hinge Kits for plastic laminate partitions, toilet partition inswings, outswings and bumpers, hinge pins and hinge cam sets for plastic laminate stall doors, U trim door inserts and more.

It’s likely that the commercial restrooms in your facility might have Accurate partitions in place. Keep this page in mind for when you need to come back to it and order your Accurate partitions replacement parts. 

In order to keep your commercial bathroom up to date, you’ll want to keep up with maintenance and make sure your partitions hardware always remains in good shape. An important part of that process is knowing where to order your Accurate partitions replacement parts so you have a designated store you can easily refer back to in the event that a piece of stall hardware breaks. 

As a busy designer or facility owner, the process can be made easier when you can order your parts online instead of making several trips to hardware stores. Order your new Accurate partition parts from our web store and be sure to make us your go-to Accurate partition hardware provider for future purchases.

Shipping Options for Accurate Stall Hardware

You can order your Accurate partition parts before 2:00 p.m. EST and they will most likely be shipped the same day depending on which particular products you select. The sooner you order, the sooner you will receive the new Accurate partitions parts for your facility’s restroom, and the closer you will be to restoring it.

If the product page shows Lead Time: In Stock above the product description, it means that the select Accurate bathroom partition hardware is in our warehouse and ready for quick shipping. If the item’s Lead Time shows 1-2 days, that means the part is not currently in stock with us and will ship from the factory. 

For any further questions regarding shipping, please contact us and we will be happy to let you know your options. 

Accurate Partitions Company

Accurate Partitions Corp. has been manufacturing their Accurate partitions, Accurate stall hardware and Accurate partitions replacement parts since 1957. At Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls, we sell replacement Accurate partition parts for your your commercial restroom’s partitions.

Accurate Partitions Corp. is an an ASI company. ASI manufactures partitions and stalls for commercial restrooms, lockers, storage solutions and washroom accessories. They have offices in several countries and their parts are sold to more than 50 countries.

Their Accurate partitions company division is currently headquartered in Burr Ridge, IL. With over 50 years as a manufacturer of commercial partitions hardware, ASI’s Accurate Partitions Corp. has earned its title as a leading manufacturer of commercial restroom partition parts. Our company, RB Partitions and Stalls, is a proud distributor of the accurate partition hardware that the Accurate partitions company manufacturers.

Choosing The Right Accurate Stall Parts

If you have questions about your Accurate toilet partition hardware order, please contact us and let us know your inquiries. Give us a call or email us at

With over 35 years of industry experience, we have the know-how to help you decide which Accurate partition hardware you will need for your partitions. Throughout our decades in business, we have worked with various facilities such as schools, athletic buildings and more to provide them with affordable Accurate partitions hardware. 

Trust our expertise to get you the right Accurate partition parts for your commercial restroom stalls. Our goal is that you are 100% satisfied with the Accurate toilet partition hardware that you ordered, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

You can always refer to our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog for more details on the accurate partitions door hardware we provide. provide.

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  1. Accurate Partition Door Kit Stainless

    The Accurate Partition Door Kit Old Style has been used from January 2013 to September 2021.  The door kit is replacement hardware for an Accurate Partitions Corp. metal door.  The kit includes the top and bottom hinges, nylon inserts, coat hook, keeper bumper, concealed latch and security screws.  They are constructed of die cast Stainless steel. The manufactures part number is 40-8261505.

  2. Accurate Partition ADA Door Kit Stainless

    The Accurate Partition Stainless ADA Door Kit Old Style has been used from January 2013 to September 2021.  The door kit is replacement hardware for an Accurate Partitions Corp. metal door.  The kit includes the top and bottom hinges, nylon inserts, coat hook, keeper bumper, ADA concealed latch and security screws.  This kit will convert your door to an ADA compliant door.  They are constructed of cast stainless steel. The manufactures part number is 50-8261515.

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