Toilet Partition Panels for Commercial Restroom Dividers

Toilet partition panels are commonly used in bathrooms for adding privacy in commercial restrooms. Partition panels divide two compartments or toilets.

The standard height of the partition panels is 58” and it is mounted 12” off the floor. The width of a partition panel will generally range between 16” and 76”. Oversized panels are available upon request.

Toilet partition panels have additional options of standard chrome brackets, stainless steel brackets, or stainless steel full channels.

Material options for toilet partition panels:

  • Powder coated steel partition panels are most commonly used in commercial businesses. This material is a painted material with colors and options to choose from.
  • Plastic laminate partition panels have many different patterns available and can ship out quickly. Laminate panels use a particle board for the interior and the exterior is a thin laminate from Wilson art or Formica. Most commercial buildings and churches use this material.
  • Solid plastic partition panels are a durable long lasting material used in schools or YMCA’s, as well as any moisture rich and high traffic bathrooms. This material is not perfectly smooth, as small bumps are on the two face sheet sides.
  • Stainless steel partition panels are a more high-end option. This material offers a gleaming attractive look and easy maintenance for high traffic areas in restaurants and airports.
  • Solid phenolic partitions panels are well suited for country clubs, restaurants, and commercial businesses. Phenolic has a very smooth texture and will last for over 40 years.

Shipping options:

Delivery times can range between four business days to four weeks. This time frame will be dependent on the manufacturer selected. Standard panels can ship out in 48 hours and are delivered to you within one week.

We can provide help for obtaining your partitions quicker. Some brands do offer next day shipping on certain materials with up charges.