Are you looking to mend some old hardware or to spruce up and change the feel of a public restroom you are building? We sell Sanymetal partition parts to replace any old hardware part on your restroom’s Sanymetal partitions.

If your commercial restroom has Sanymetal partitions, then you will want to know where to order new Sanymetal partition hardware from in case of damage. We are Sanymetal toilet partition hardware distributors and you can purchase any Sanymetal partition parts that you need from our website.

Ordering Sanymetal hardware online will come in handy for when you have little to no time to shop around for Sanymetal partition parts in stores. Our RB Partitions and Stalls site provides a convenient way for restroom designers to get their replacement Sanymetal toilet partition hardware for the restroom they are constructing.

Order Your Sanymetal Partition Parts

Get your order of Sanymetal toilet partition hardware straight from our website to your door. The Sanymetal partition hardware on our website will ship out on the day that you order it if you place your order before 2:00 p.m. EST. Order your new Sanymetal partition parts as soon as you notice the old partition parts are worn down so that you can add more comfort to your public restroom without delay.

Our one page of Sanymetal partition hardware is equipped with product descriptions for customer convenience. Study the Sanymetal hardware product description on any specific part to help you confirm whether it’s the part that needs to be replaced in your facility’s commercial bathroom. If you would like personal confirmation from our staff, our team members will readily assist you in your search for the appropriate Sanymetal partition hardware. 

We carry two styles of Sanymetal bottom power bearings for Sanymetal toilet partitions. Sanymetal power bearings make stall doors in public restrooms self closing. We have Sanymetal bottom power bearings for metal Sanymetal toilet partitions and for plastic laminate Sanymetal toilet partitions.

Another unique piece of Sanymetal hardware that we carry is the Sanymetal chrome plated ADA throw latch. This Sanymetal throw latch is made of chrome plated brass and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 or ADA standards. The part ships to our customers with mounting screws included.

We also carry another piece of Sanymetal partition hardware that is made of chrome plated brass. The Sanymetal toilet partition ADA throw latch & keeper is also ADA compliant in most U.S. states and will ship out with the appropriate mounting screws for installation.

The other Sanymetal ADA compliant latch parts we sell are made up of Zamac die cast metal as opposed to chrome plated brass. Be sure to read the product details for the Sanymetal ADA latch cover knob and the Sanymetal ADA latch knob cover with pin to see if one of these Sanymetal partition parts will be more up your alley.

You can also purchase two different Sanymetal coat hooks with bumper from our online partition parts store. Both of these Sanymetal coat hooks have chrome plated and polished Zamac die cast metal construction. One of the Sanymetal coat hook options comes with mounting screws and the other does not.

Available Sanymetal Hardware Options

Sanymetal hardware is made up of different materials. Here are some materials you will find when browsing Sanymetal partition parts.

  • Chrome plated zamak (most common)
  • Chrome plated brass
  • Black rubber

Material Options for Sanymetal Partitions

Certain Sanymetal partitions require specific hardware material. Here’s some useful information to understand when installing Sanymetal partition parts. These rules may also apply to other partitions brands.

  • Powder coated steel partitions use chrome plated or cast stainless steel.
  • Solid plastic partitions use aluminum or cast stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel partitions use chrome plated or cast stainless steel.

Sanymetal Parts Company Profile

The Sanymetal, Inc. manufacturing plant is headquartered in Westbury, NY, but the company was founded in Cleveland, OH. The company was founded in 1916 and now has about 100 years in business. The partitions manufacturer went out of business in 2010 and was bought out by Sanymetal Corporation in 2015. 

Sanymetal has rapidly grown since its start in 1916 and now has more than 100 employees. They are always focused on finding different ways to improve the quality and function of Sanymetal partitions and Sanymetal partition parts. 

The restroom stall company manufactures first-rate partitions and partitions parts that at RB Partitions and Stalls we are proud to be selling. Sanymetal is a highly regarded partitions manufacturer and RB Partitions and Stalls is glad to be a Sanymetal distributor.

You can find Sanymetal partitions with Sanymetal partition hardware installed in restaurants and bars, gas stations, office buildings, government facilities, sports centers, educational facilities, churches and religious centers, and more. You will presumably work with Sanymetal toilet partitions at some point in your restroom designing career. Remember to order your replacement Sanymetal hardware for stalls right here.

Contact Us About Sanymetal Stall Hardware

Are you currently trying to figure out which Sanymetal stall parts your restroom will require? Whether it be a Sanymetal concealed latch, Sanymetal top hinge, Sanymetal bottom hinge, or Sanymetal keeper bumper, we will help you figure out which Sanymetal toilet partition hardware needs to be replaced on your public restroom’s Sanymetal toilet partitions. The answer might not always be as obvious as you had hoped, which is why our reliable staff is always here to answer any pertinent questions.

RB Partitions and Stalls has been involved with the partitions and partition hardware industry for over 35 years. We have had the privilege of working with churches, educational facilities, athletic organizations, and other establishments with public restrooms in place. As highly experienced Sanymetal partition hardware distributors, we know how to efficiently and correctly answer your Sanymetal partition parts questions.

Email us at and you can even call our company phone at (800) 642-2403. Our team members are eager to speak with you and to help you out with your questions on Sanymetal partition parts.

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  1. Sanymetal Bottom Power Bearing For Laminate

    The Sanymetal Toilet Partitions Bottom Power Bearing For Laminate is used on there plastic laminate of Formica restroom stalls.   The Power Bearing is what makes the door self closing.  The manufacture part number is 97280.

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