Do the restrooms that you are designing or constructing contain Global Partitions brand stalls or are you planning on implementing a Global Partitions themed blueprint? If so, you’ve come to the right page. We sell the Global Partitions hardware that you can use to replace old parts on your Global brand restroom stalls. 

With any brand of restroom stall, you will find that no matter how durable and reliable, the parts do wear out and get damaged over time. It’s in your best interest as a public restroom designer to know the brand of stalls you are working with so that you can choose a designated hardware supplier when your partitions parts need to be replaced. 

With Global Partitions, you can get your Global Partitions replacement hardware straight from our website. Browse our two pages of Global bathroom partition hardware and read the product explanations to confirm the specific part that needs to be replaced in your commercial restroom. 

If the Lead Time on the product description reads “In Stock,” then we currently have that particular Global Partitions part in our warehouse and we can ship it out to you ASAP. For many of our products, if you order before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time we will ship out the Global partition parts that same day. “Lead Time: 1-2 days” indicates that the Global toilet partitions hardware you have your eye on will have to ship out from the factory because it is not currently in our warehouse supply.

We Carry Global Bathroom Partition Hardware

Purchasing new Global Partitions hardware can be smooth sailing when you order from our online store. Our website for Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls has a generous assortment of Global partition parts, so it’s just a matter of choosing the appropriate Global bathroom partition hardware for the toilet partitions in the restroom you put together. 

We have several styles of Global Partitions keeper inswings and keeper outswings for stall doors with a square-edged pilaster post. The Global Partitions inswings and outswings come in various sizes to fit differently sized stall doors. They are made from heavy-duty cast stainless steel, so you can trust the overall durability of each of these Global partition parts. We also have a few different Global Partitions inswing and outswing keeper bumper options in Zamac die cast metal as opposed to stainless steel.

We have two styles of Global Partitions keeper bumpers concealed that are to be used with Global Partitions concealed latches. Both of these potential options are assembled from Zamac die cast metal, so the next step is choosing which style you prefer or which style goes best with your public bathroom.

If you are interested in converting the restroom stall door handles, hinges, etc. into ADA compliant hardware, we have Global bathroom partition hardware kits that can do just that. The Global Partition ADA compliant door kit comes with a door handle, hinge pin and more. You can order this kit in either Zamac die cast metal or cast stainless steel.

Our extensive selection of Global Partitions latches and Global hinges should provide you with plenty of acceptable replacement parts possibilities. Global bathroom stall locks and Global hinges are some of the most important parts on your restroom stall, and they are essential to keeping your restroom users content and comfortable. 

You will want to try and replace Global bathroom stall locks, Global Partitions latches and Global Partitions hinges as soon as you can. Our Robert Brooke associates can even help you decide which product will accommodate all of your restroom ideas and specifications.

Other popular Global Partitions products include the Global Partitions cam set that can be used on plastic laminate doors and the Global Partitions white nylon cam that can be used on steel doors. We sell bottom cam housing units that are assembled from Zamac die cast metal but are not chrome plated. Another Global Partitions bottom cam housing unit that we carry is chrome plated and polished.

Global Partitions Hardware Materials 

Global Partitions uses strong and damage-resistant materials when manufacturing their partitions and partitions parts. These are a few of the materials they manufacture Global bathroom partition hardware from.

  • Zamac die cast metal (chrome plated or unplated)
  • Heavy-duty cast stainless steel
  • Rubber
  • Nylon plastic
  • Knurled steel
  • Threaded steel
  • Zinc plated steel

ASI Global Partitions Company Details

Global Partitions is part of American Specialties, Inc. also known as the ASI Group. ASI Global Partitions is a reputable manufacturer of durable partitions and partitions parts. Their newest partitions design is The Alpaco Collection which consists of European style partitions.

The Global Partitions manufacturing plant is located in Eastanollee, Georgia, but you won’t need to be a resident or visit them to receive your partitions parts. We ship Global toilet partitions hardware right from our website and straight to our customers.

Global Partitions Hardware Orders

Our staff members at Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls would like your ordering process of Global toilet partitions hardware to go smoothly. We will give you the answers that you seek when you contact us with your Global Partitions hardware inquiries. Email with your Global partition parts questions and we will get you on the path to an effortless ordering experience. 

Put your trust in our 35 years as a partitions hardware provider and have confidence knowing that you are working with partition industry experts. Allow us to steer you in the right direction so that your order of Global partition parts will fulfill exactly what you need for your commercial restroom.

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  1. Global Slide Latch with Indicator Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel global slide latch with indicator and emergency access. Overall dimension 2-3/4" x 1-1/2" with 2-1/4" hole spacing. Used with new style doors 10/1/21 to current. Used with a 1 inch door. Security screws included. Manufactures part number 40-8263010.

  2. ASI Headrail

    ASI Headrail is designed for use with Global and Accurate Partitions. This headrail was introduced in May of 2023 and offers a lower profile than the previous design which is no longer available. The ASI Headrail comes in three headrail thickness options: 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4". Options for length are 65" or 98" which can be cut down to size needed. Being constructed of extruded mluminum, allows for the headrail to be durable and easily customizable. Headrails are use to help stability restroom toilet partitions and give a finished look. Installed a top of pilasters or also used to connect a back wall to a pilaster. Often used in conjuction with ASI Headrail Retrun Kit (9A8448).

    Known as Manufacturer Part# 8440651, 8440981, 8460651, 8460981, 8450651 and 8450981.

    Also known as Part# 9A846534, 9A849834, 9A84651, 9A84981, 9A8465114, and 9A8498114.

    As low as $51.00
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