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Are you in the market for Hiny Hiders hardware for the partitions in your building? Being a building owner, facility designer or architect often means having the right maintenance tools for upkeep in your facility. If you’ve noticed the Hiny Hiders nametag on your facility’s restroom partitions, then it’s important to know that you can find replacement Hiny Hiders parts right here on our online store.

It’s not uncommon when a piece of hardware on any brand of partitions and stalls eventually gets damaged or breaks. Knowing where to order your replacement partition parts is key in this scenario. You can order your Hiny Hider parts from us anytime online without the added hassle of walking into a store.

We have plenty of parts to choose from in our selection. If you’re looking for a specific item, use the Find Command to speed your search along. Click Control+F (or Command+F) and type in the Hiny Hiders hardware that your commercial restroom partitions require.

Skip the hassle and maintenance costs by ordering from our affordable selection of Hiny Hiders parts. Now you have a designated distributor to come back to in case your Hiny Hiders hardware breaks, hopefully allowing you more time and freedom to create unique designs and blueprints for your commercial restroom.

About Hiny Hiders Parts Company

Hiny Hiders is known for the durability of their stalls and their unique color and texture options. These partitions will never need to be repainted and are made from recycled materials. As a designer, you can also choose the mounting style you prefer with these partitions. 

Hiny Hiders partitions are manufactured by a company called Scranton Products, which has a long history behind it. The company Santana Products started back in 1978 when it introduced HDPE material partitions. Capitol and Comtec brought competition in the 1980’s with their own HDPE partitions. Santana and Capitol were bought by Comtec in the early 2000’s and the companies were ultimately rebranded to Scranton Products. 

Aside from Hiny Hiders, Scranton Products also manufactures Aria partitions and Eclipse partitions. So whether you’re looking for Aria partition hardware, Eclipse partition parts, Hiny Hiders parts, or even Capitol partition hardware, Comtec hardware or Santana partition parts, these all fall under the category of Scranton partitions hardware.

We are a Scranton stall hardware distributor and we sell Hiny Hiders parts for stalls on our website. Be sure to place your order soon, especially if your Hiny Hiders partitions need replacement hardware. 

Hiny Hiders Hardware for Stalls

Hiny Hiders is also known for their aluminum 8” (height) hinge sets, their slide latch and their 6” (height) door stops. At RB Partitions and Stalls, we sell these specific Hiny Hiders parts and many more on our online Hiny Hiders hardware page. 

As a distributor of certain Scranton partition parts, we offer a wide array of Hiny Hiders hardware. We have Hiny Hiders basic slide bolt latch for your facility's Hiny Hiders partitions. This Hiny Hiders latch is made of clear anodized aluminum and we ship it to you with its mounting screws.

You can also take your pick from the Hiny Hiders Wrap Around Hinge Set or the Hiny Hiders ADA Compliant Hinge Set depending on your overall preferences. Both sets of hinges are made of clear anodized aluminum, so it’s just a matter of choosing the type of function you would like it to serve.

Our online store also has Hiny Hiders repair kits for top and bottom partition hinges. This kit comes with a plastic rod or pin for the hinge. Aside from Hiny Hiders partitions, these kits can also be used on Comtec and Capitol toilet partitions.

Ask us whether the Scranton toilet partition hardware you’re looking to order from us can only be used with Hiny Hiders partitions or if it is also compliant with other Scranton Product brand bathroom stalls. We will let you know the correct parts you need so that your finished product will be satisfactory. 

We also sell a number of other Hiny Hiders hardware sets including Hiny Hiders inswing flat stop, Hiny Hiders outswing flat stop, Hiny Hiders inswing strike and keeper, and Hiny Hiders outswing keeper bumper. Feel free to read the product descriptions for more details.

If you are still unsure of which part is best suited for your Hiny Hiders partition system, please let us know so we can help you choose the right replacement Hiny Hiders parts for your restroom stalls.

Choosing The Right Hiny Hiders Parts

You should be able to find a Hiny Hiders label of your partitions if that’s the brand they fall under. However, if your stall is a Scranton Product and you’re unsure of whether you need Aria partition parts, Capitol partition parts, Comtec parts, Eclipse partition hardware, or Santana partition hardware, you can always check with us and we will help you determine if the stalls you have are in fact Hiny Hiders brand.

As a Scranton stall parts distributor, it’s important that our customers know which products we sell. We sell Hiny Hiders parts, which are manufactured by Scranton Products, on our online store.

Send us your questions regarding Hiny Hiders hardware and we will be happy to help you figure out the right Hiny Hiders parts you need for your partitions. Our staff’s combined knowledge and skills with regard to the partitions industry will be key in guiding you throughout your purchase of Hiny Hiders parts. Call us or email us at Sales@PartitionsAndStalls.com and we will be with you ASAP.

You can always read our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog for more information on Hiny Hiders parts for restroom stalls.

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  1. Hiny Hider 8" Wrap Around Hinge Set

    The Hiny Hider 8" Wrap Around Hinge Set is constructed of clear anodized aluminum and are used on 1" thick door and panels.  Used by every Bathroom Toilet Stall manufacture on Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions Doors.  Sometimes known as part numbers, 7978, 7988, 8974, and 8984. These hinges are reversible by taking the 3 pieces apart and reconfiguring the opposite swing.

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