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Is part of your job the construction or design of public bathrooms? Whether you are designing, constructing or making repairs to a commercial restroom, it’s important to use the best bathroom partition hardware currently on the market. Finding bathroom partition hardware that is made by top name toilet partition hardware manufacturers will be useful in your journey.

Distinguished partitions manufacturers put in all their effort to produce durable, one-of-a-kind bathroom partitions and bathroom partition hardware for consumers. Using restroom partition hardware that is created by reputable partition manufacturers will ensure that the restroom you are working on will be of exemplary taste when finished. 

Top-Rated Bathroom Partition Hardware Supplier

Here at RB Partitions and Stalls, we supply bathroom partition parts from some of the most widely known brands in the partition manufacturing industry. Our website allows customers to order bathroom partition hardware online from a comfortable setting.

RB Partitions and Stalls is a division of Robert Brooke & Associates. We have been doing business in the hardware industry and selling bathroom partition hardware for almost 50 years now.

Our staff has had the pleasure of selling bathroom partition hardware to public facilities that have restrooms including gyms, educational centers, colleges and warehouses. We like that by supplying bathroom partition hardware to these businesses, we are actually a part of something even bigger: the restroom creation process as a whole. We truly appreciate when these organizations allow us to work with them in their restroom construction endeavors. 

Our main office is in a suburb of Detroit, MI called Troy. Our office is where we come together as a team to come up with the best ways to provide our customers with top-notch bathroom partition hardware products and service. We are on site working hard from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, so feel free to contact us during these times with any questions you have about bathroom partition parts. 

Toilet Partition Hardware Brands

Get to know the toilet partition hardware manufacturers whose products we sell online. You can also see if you can find a specific toilet partition hardware brand you like in our list of manufacturers.

We sell cutting-edge bathroom partition hardware from at least 15 trusted toilet partition hardware manufacturers. Each of these bathroom partition parts manufacturers has a unique backstory about how their business came to be and how they have flourished over the course of the years. Click on the link of the toilet partition hardware manufacturer you are interested in to learn more. 

These bathroom partition parts brands have demonstrated their talents for making toilet partition parts that lasts. These companies have made it evident that the toilet partition hardware that they sell is generally illustrative of how a toilet partitions hardware should be made overall. 

Restroom partition hardware includes concealed latches, pilaster shoes, coat hooks, door stops, door pulls, hinge sets and more for plastic laminate, powder coated steel and other types of bathroom partitions. We also sell some generic restroom partition hardware (not to be confused with the General partitions parts manufacturer) that have proven to be valuable products. You might find it beneficial to sift through our list of generic restroom partition hardware while you are shopping online.

Toilet Partition Hardware Online

We hope that our site provides consumers with an easy-to-use online platform for purchasing toilet partitions hardware. Even so, we are always looking for ways to improve in the restroom partition parts department. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

You might see installing toilet partitions hardware as a chore, but we hope that the newly repaired restroom appearance in the end will change your mind. Putting in new and fully functioning restroom partition parts is only one step to ensuring that your restroom remains in great shape, but it is a necessary step. At the end of the day, you will be thankful for having replaced the hardware that was falling apart with new toilet partitions hardware.

Many of the toilet partitions hardware products we sell include directions for assembling them. If you have any issues with arranging, connecting and installing the toilet partitions hardware you received, please reach out to us. We would be glad to help you put together your toilet partitions hardware.

We look forward to assisting our customers with their toilet partitions hardware inquiries by phone or email when needed. There’s a handful of relevant questions customers might have when ordering restroom partition parts online, so we definitely understand the need to sometimes get ahold of us.

Contact us about toilet partitions hardware Monday through Friday during our usual business hours. Send your email to our staff at or call our office phone at (800) 642-2403 to receive immediate assistance with your toilet partitions hardware online order.

If it is a weekend and we are temporarily unavailable to speak with you about restroom partition parts, you can always try going over the RBA Partitions and Hardware Catalog we have up on our site. Here, you can learn more about the toilet partitions hardware that we sell.

The purpose of our site is to be an online source for conveniently purchasing toilet partitions and hardware. We set our sights on customer happiness with every purchase of toilet partitions hardware and every customer service interaction we have. Your customer experience is valuable to us, so let us know how we can be of service while you shop our website for fantastic toilet partitions hardware products.

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  1. $4.02
    SKU: 9G0160

    The Toilet Partition Coat Hook & Bumper 3-1/2" Projection x 2-3/4" High is constructed of Zamac die cast metal and then chrome plated and polished.  Coat hook base is 1-1/2" wide by 2-3/4" high, with screw spacing of 7/8" at the top. Hook projects out 1". Bumper projects out 3-1/2" with a rubber insert. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Coat Hook and Bumper. Manufacture part # 4260.  This product is the same as our 9OT285 and 9HA426.   We find this hooks used on Global Partition Corp and Accurate Partition Corp restroom stalls.

  2. $20.90
    SKU: 9A6983

    The Partition Slide Bolt Latch is constructed of Cast Stainless Steel and has a Hole Spacing 1-3/4" X 1-1/2" center to center.  The latch base is 2-31/32" wide by 1-15/16" high and projects 1-1/8" high. The hole spacing is 1-3/4" wide by 1-1/2" high. The four mounting holes have a diameter of 1/4". The Slide Latch base is 1/4" thick. The latch bolt is 7/8" wide by 3-7/16" long. This toilet stall latch is used on Accurate Partition Corp and Mills Partitions. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Slide Latch. Manufacture part # 6983.  This product is shipped with mounting screws.

  3. $16.50
    SKU: 90T290

    The Mills Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch Concealed is a popular latch used by them.  Latch cover plates are 1-3/4" wide by 1-3/8" high. The latch switch is 1-15/32" wide. The latch bolt is 3/8" diameter. The spacing between the cover and the latch 1-1-32". They are constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is then chrome plated and polished.  This is a one of a kind latch. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Concealed Latch. Manufacture part # 4230, HDWT T290.

  4. $2.75
    SKU: 90T117

    The Mills Partition Door Cam is used on there metal restroom stall doors.  Also known as HDWT-P117.

  5. $72.38
    SKU: 90T100-90T110

    The Mills Toilet Partitions Top Bottom Hinge Set is for use on there 1-1/4" thick round edged pilaster posts.  The kit includes the top and bottom hinges along with the hinge pins and the security screws.  They are constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is then chrome plated and polished.  The manufacture part number is HDWT-Z01.

  6. $5.12
    SKU: 90T116

    The Partition Keeper Bumper Inswing Flat Stop Chrome Plated is a strike and keeper that measure 2-1/2" tall by 2-9/16" deep and is 1/8" thick.  The stop projects out 3/4" and has a rubber insert. The mounting holes are 1-19/32" on center. They are constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is then chrome plated and polished.   Also known as a Bathroom Stall Strike and Keeper - Inswing Flat. Flat backed for wall mounting. Manufacture part # 5140.  Shipped with mounting screws.

  7. $6.24
    SKU: 90T120

    The Mills Toilet Partition Keeper Bumper is for use on 1-1/4" thick square edged pilaster posts.  It is constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is then chrome plated and polished.  The strike and keeper is 2-1/2" tall by 1-7/8" wide. The stop sticks out 3/4" and has a rubber bumper on it. The two mounting screws are 1-1/2" on center. The latch bolt slot is 1-9/16" high by 5/16" deep. This keeper bumper is designed for use on a 1-1/4" Post or Pilaster for inswinging doors. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Strike and Keeper-Inswing 1-1/4". Manufacture part # 5110.  Shipped with mounting screws.

  8. $7.48
    SKU: 90T160

    The Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch 3/8" Bar To Door Clearance is just like every other slide bolt, except it has an offset bolt.  Latch base is 4" high with 2-3/4" hole spacing. Latch bolt is 3-3/4" long by 3/4" wide by 3/16" thick. The latch bolt clearance is 3/8" from the back of the base to the underside of the latch bolt and projects out 15/16". The latch projects out 1-9/16" from the face of the door when installed.  They are constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is then chrome plated and polished.   Also known as a Bathroom Stall Surface Mounted Slide Bolt Latch and Toilet Partition Locks. Manufacturer part # 5030.  Shipped with mounting screws.

  9. $11.79
    SKU: 90T316

    The Mills Toilet Partitions Keeper Bumper is for use on round edged pilaster posts.  The strike and keeper measure 2-1/4" high by 29/32" wide and 15/16" deep. The hole spacing is 1-5/8" on center. They are constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is then chrome plated and polished.   Also known on Bathroom Stall Strike and Keeper Inswing/Outswing 1-1/4". Manufacture part # 5550.  Shipped with mounting screws.

  10. $5.50
    SKU: 90T317

    The Mills Toilet Partitions Keeper Bumper Concealed is for use on 1-1/4" thick round edged pilaster posts.  Strike and Keeper measures 1-1/4" high by 2-3/8" wide by 1-3/4" deep. Stop is 1/2" thick and projects out 1-1/8". The latching slot is 7/16" deep x 3/4" high. This Bathroom Toilet Door Keeper is designed for use on 1-1/4" thick round edge posts or pilasters. They are constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is then chrome plated and polished.  Also known as a Bathroom Stall Strike and Keeper for Inswing/Outswing 1-1/4". Manufacture part # 5510.  Shipped with mounting screws.

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