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Our office is located in Troy, Michigan, but we ship our toilet partition parts pretty much anywhere you can think of. Whether you are right here in Michigan, in another state, or even in Canada, we can fulfill your order of bathroom stall hardware and ship it out to you without delay. 

We have been in business since the 1970’s so we know a thing or two about providing our customers with excellent quality hardware. Though we started off primarily focusing on lockers, soon after our company added to our product base to include more items such as toilet partition hardware.

At Robert Brooke Partitions And Stalls, we have worked with many types of organizations throughout our time in business. We have had the opportunity to work together with offices, schools, gyms, churches and more establishments with public restrooms. We have aided in the restroom development that these organizations were working toward by supplying them with grade-A bathroom stall hardware.

We have had success in continuously fulfilling our mission as a committed bathroom partition hardware distributor. Our number one goal is to offer the best products and services possible to our customers. In turn, our customers are happy with the quality of products they purchase from us.

Bathroom Partition Hardware Brands

Have you ever wondered who makes certain equipment? Who makes commercial restroom partitions and the hardware that goes with them?

Our company has gotten to the bottom of this mystery as we have had the chance to distribute products made by these companies. Throughout the U.S. and even in Canada there are manufacturing companies whose primary concern is to produce restroom stalls and bathroom partition hardware. Some of these bathroom stall parts manufacturers also produce other washroom accessories and related products. 

We’ve been able to identify some of the best constructors of stalls and bathroom partition hardware out there and they’ve allowed us to become an online vessel for selling their first-rate equipment. We only carry restroom partitions and bathroom stall hardware that was produced by reputable and leading name bathroom stall hardware manufacturers.

Bathroom Partition Hardware Online

If you would like to track down a certain kind of bathroom partition hardware, you should try out our website Search Bar. With our Search Bar, you can enter in your bathroom partition hardware model or manufacturer to narrow down the options we have for you.

Be sure to search for generalized bathroom partition hardware in our product base, too. Some products in our toilet partition hardware supply doesn’t fall under a specific brand category, so it’s a good idea to skim through the other bathroom partition hardware we have.

We have an extensive range of bathroom partition hardware that we sell online. Our toilet partition hardware supply includes pilaster shoes, panel brackets, power bearings, coat hooks for doors, door stops, door pulls, door hinges, hinge sets, slide bolt latches, standard concealed latches, ADA turn latches, keepers, partition door locks and so much more partition door hardware.

The material that restroom stall hardware is made out of varies. There is a lot of toilet partition hardware that is constructed from Zamak metal that was made in a die casting process. Zamak bathroom partition hardware can be either chrome plated or non-plated. Other material includes stainless steel, plastic, nylon, rubber, anodized aluminum, zinc plated steel, knurled steel and threaded steel.

The bathroom partition hardware that we carry also varies in the way that each part is mounted. Check the mounting style of the partition part before you commit to buying it. You will want to know how the part is mounted in order to fully understand how it functions. The product description will specify how the part can be mounted, like whether it can be surface mounted, for instance.

Installing Restroom Stall Hardware

Many of the hardware products we sell have a set of instructions listed on the product page. Plus, many of our product descriptions note the function of the restroom stall hardware when it might not seem so obvious what the partition part is used for. 


For instance, the product description for the Set of 4 Comtec Stealth Brackets for Integral Hinges explains that these brackets support integral hinge pins. The product page also has a picture of installation instructions for the brackets.

Another bathroom partition hardware product that has directions right on the product page is the Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Vault Hinge Set for ¾ inch or 1 inch thick stall doors. The page notes that this extra-strength toilet partition hardware is for solid plastic stall doors.

Even the Hadrian Headrail End Cap has simple online directions for setting it up. The instructions are on the product page in the form of a diagram. The diagram shows where the bathroom partition hardware goes on stall doors and the rest is self-explanatory.

The Privacy Cover is another kind of toilet partition hardware that has listed features and instructions on its product page. Also described is which type of stall doors the product is and is not recommended for. For example, the Privacy Cover can be used with stalls that are made from plastic laminate, solid phenolic, powder coated steel or stainless steel materials.

Please connect with us if you require more assistance with setting up the toilet partition hardware that you ordered. Email or call (800) 642-2403 and one of our team members will go over the instructions with you.

Restroom Stall Hardware Distributors

Have you had the chance to run through our toilet partition hardware supply online? If so, let us know whether you come up with any questions about the bathroom partition hardware that we have in stock. If not, go ahead and get browsing!

Call or email us so that we can go over your bathroom partition hardware order together. We are excited to help you order new toilet partition hardware that will be used to make improvements to the public restroom you manage on a day to day basis. We hope that your newly restored bathroom leaves you with an overall feeling of satisfaction.

Would you like to know more about the toilet partition hardware in our current and ever-growing stockpile? Read up on our selection of bathroom partition hardware in our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog. Our bathroom partition hardware catalog is always here online as an extra resource.

For stellar-quality, affordable toilet partition hardware, look no further than Robert Brooke Partitions And Stalls. We have the latest and greatest partitions parts for your commercial restroom right here in our online toilet partition hardware supply.  Make your purchase of toilet partition hardware right now on our site so that you can begin repairing your facility’s restroom partitions and stall doors soon.

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  1. Heavy Duty Piano Hinge 57" Lh In, Rh Outswing 14ga 1/4" pin

    Partition Bathroom Stall Door Heavy Duty Piano Hinge 57-1/2", Left Hand In Swing, Right Hand Outswing is constructed of 14 gauge (0.75" thick) stainless steel.  The internal spring makes this a self closing hinge. This toilet partition door hinge is heavy duty with a 1/4" pin for extra strength. The hinge measures 3" laying flat by 57-1/2".

  2. Heavy Duty Piano Hinge 57" Rh Inswing, Lh Outswing 14ga 1/4" pin

    Heavy Duty Piano Hinge Stainless Steel 57-1/2", Left Hand Outswing, Right Hand In Swing is constructed of 14 gauge (0.75" thick) stainless steel.  The internal spring makes this a self closing hinge. This toilet partition door hinge is heavy duty with a 1/4" pin for extra strength. The hinge measures 3" laying flat by 57-1/2".

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