Plexiglass & Brackets

Robert Brooke & Associates has been selling Commercial brackets for more than 40 years. We focus on providing the parts you may need to get your project done and offering a wide variety of hardware.

Plexiglass Shield Barriers

Plexiglass Shield Barriers are designed to create separation/social distance between individuals. Plexiglass sheets are being utilized as table top dividers and counter top barriers in schools, hospitals, restaurants and businesses to help protect individuals. These panels are ¼” thick Clear Plexiglass. Panels DO NOT come with hardware but is available separately. Feel Free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Available Sizes

  • 24"Hx24"W
  • 24"Hx30"W
  • 24"Hx36"W
  • 24"Hx42"W
  • 24"Hx48"W
  • 24"Hx60"W


When implementing social distancing in a facility, these brackets can be used to hold plexiglass/acrylic sheets in place. The brackets will support thickness of sheet between 1/8”-3/8” material. These brackets are Sold in Pairs and are available in 3 designs to help create spacing. We offer 2 finishes (Silver and Black) to these powder coated die cast brackets. Hardware will require a Phillips head screw driver and a 3/16” (5mm) Allen key. The brackets are designed for mounting a top of desk/table surface. Since they are being installed with screws, this make the brackets a more permanent install as opposed to a temporary mount.

Desk Top Brackets

These brackets will mount a dividing sheet to a desk/table surface. This will provide needed separation in the workplace There will be minimum gap under the sheet to increase separation. 

Edge Mount Brackets

The edge mount bracket is typically mounted near the edge of a surface to minimize footprint. This will allow for a large bottom gap to pass paper work underneath. Great for restaurants and businesses that work with customers and paperwork being passed back and forth. Can be utilized on larger or smaller surfaces.

Dual Desk Brackets

Dual desk brackets are typically utilized on larger surfaces where 2 individuals share the same work space. This allows for installation in the center of desk/table top to give parties ample space to work. Gap under dividing sheets allows paperwork to be passed while still providing separation and social distancing. 

Plexiglass and Brackets

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  1. Stall Stash Clear Acrylic

    Stall stash is a plexiglass restroom partition attachment that protects phones, purses, and belongings at stalls, urinals. The sanitary conditions of restrooms are more important than ever. Stall Stash improves the safety and comfort of restroom visits by eliminating the concerns of water damaged devices, forgotten or stolen property, and most importantly, exposure to germs and bacteria. For 7/8" door or 1" doors. Measures 18-3/16" x 7" x 5-1/2"

    As low as $40.25
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