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Bobrick Parts For Toilet Partitions

Place your order of Bobrick toilet partition hardware on our online store to get your parts on time for a reasonable price. Bobrick is a well-known toilet partition and partition hardware manufacturer. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve noticed the name on your facility’s bathroom stalls as a public restroom designer.

Aside from bathroom partitions, Bobrick also makes replacement parts for your Bobrick toilet partitions systems in case any piece of hardware breaks or malfunctions. If your facility already has Bobrick partitions and stalls in place, you’ll want to know where to order replacement parts in the event that a specific piece of Bobrick toilet partition hardware breaks or wears out over time.  

We sell Bobrick partition hardware and Bobrick replacement parts on our online partitions and stalls store. Browse our selection of Bobrick parts to find the right piece of Bobrick toilet partition hardware that requires replacement in your commercial restroom. 

Keep us in mind for future purchases, as well, so you will always have a designated Bobrick parts distributor for the restroom you are creating. This will allow you to save time in the long run so you can spend more of your energy on other construction ideas.

Bobrick Hardware for Partitions 

Be sure to check out some of the Bobrick bathroom partition hardware we offer on our web store. We have over 20 Bobrick replacement parts to choose from. We have made it easy for our customers to find them all on one page in our Bobrick parts list.

We have five unique Bobrick latches you can be using on your restroom’s Bobrick partitions. You can pick the Bobrick slide latch for surface mounting, chrome plated ADA throw latch, surface mounted ADA slide lock, ADA Slide Latch Set W/ Indicator,    or the slide bolt latch 3/8" bar to door clearance

Each one of these Bobrick latches has its own features that are fit for various purposes. Read the product descriptions to find out more about the specific Bobrick toilet partition latch your public restroom stalls will need.

Apart from Bobrick latches, we have a wide assortment of other Bobrick toilet partition parts you can use on your Bobrick bathroom partitions. For instance, we have Bobrick toilet partition hinges for the top and bottom of your stall door. These Bobrick toilet partition hinges are made of Zamac die cast metal which is chrome plated and also polished for a classic look. The order comes with either the top or bottom hinge, plus mounting screws to install your Bobrick partition hardware.

If latches and hinges aren’t quite what you are looking for, then you still might be in luck. We have many more Bobrick partition parts in our Bobrick parts list.  

If your door pulls have broken off of your Bobrick partitions, then we have the right Bobrick replacement parts for you. The Bobrick door pulls we offer are constructed of Zamac die cast metal and chrome plated providing a simple and tasteful aesthetic for your restroom partitions.

You can also purchase two different types of Bobrick coat hooks from us. Select either basic Bobrick coat hooks or Bobrick coat hooks with bumper. Both examples are exceptional options for hanging jackets, purses or clothing while inside of the restroom stall.

Of course, you can always read the Bobrick Parts Manual if you are looking for help with deciding exactly what you want for your restroom. Our experts are standing by if you have additional questions about which Bobrick partition hardware will work best for your commercial restroom stalls.

New From Bobrick Hardware Manufacturer

While Bobrick makes durable partitions and their partitions hardware is the focus of this page, it’s important to note that they have not stopped generating new ideas and products to satisfy their customers. They continue to impress us with their new and forward-thinking developments, which is why at RB Partitions and Stalls, we are happy to sell Bobrick parts on our web store.

We have a separate page for Bobrick’s line of washroom accessories. Bobrick manufactures paper towel dispensers, trash bins, toilet paper dispensers, grab bars, soap dispensers, hand dryers, sanitary napkin disposals and more.  

Bobrick always comes out with new, innovative products geared toward their customers and their individual needs. Their baby changing stations and childcare products for commercial restrooms is just one example of creative progress within the company. 

Bobrick now manufactures baby changing stations (known as Koala Kare Child Care Products) for public restrooms, which is particularly welcoming to families and children alike. With this new addition, designers who are renovating Bobrick-centered public bathrooms can create a restroom that is both family-friendly and suited for sole individuals. 

About Bobrick Partition Parts Company

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. manufactures toilet partitions and parts for stalls, and they have overall been in business since 1906. The company has recently been making environmentally-conscious strides and using only green manufacturing processes to produce their Bobrick partition hardware. One of the company’s main goals is to take every measure to keep the environment clean while manufacturing their Bobrick replacement parts and other products.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc’s headquarters are in North Hollywood, CA. The company has five locations throughout the U.S. plus locations in Canada and Europe.

They also serve customers who live overseas providing Bobrick hardware, Bobrick stalls and Bobrick washroom accessories for international consumers. If you’re a designer living overseas, make sure to browse their sites for the UK, Europe, Latin America and Germany

Understanding Your Bobrick Bathroom Stall Hardware

We sell Bobrick restroom hardware for stalls on our RB Partitions and Stalls online store. Save this page so you can quickly come back to it when your restroom’s partitions require Bobrick replacement parts. Robert Brooke is a dependable name when it comes to hardware distributors, so make us your go-to Bobrick partition hardware distributor for your commercial restroom.

Let us know whether you have any questions about the Bobrick door hardware you will need to replace on your bathroom stalls. We want to make the ordering process as efficient as possible for you, so Bobrick hardware inquiries are always welcome.

We are always accepting of questions about Bobrick bathroom partition hardware and other products that we sell. Email us at and ask us what you would like to know about specific Bobrick bathroom stall hardware.

Please refer to our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog to gather a better understanding of the Bobrick hardware needed for your building’s restroom stalls.

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  1. $2.85
    SKU: 9A0620

    Partition Door Pull 2-3/4" Between Screws Chrome Plated

    Chrome plated Zamac die cast construction. Door pull measures 4-1/16" wide by 13/16" projection with a 2-3/4" hole spacing. The holes are threaded for a 8-32 screw. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Door Pull. Manufacture part # 6200.

  2. $10.45
    SKU: 9G0137

    The Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch 3/8" Bar To Door Clearance is constructed of Zamac die cast metal that is chrome plated and then polished.  Latch base is 4-1/2" high with 3-1/2" hole spacing. Latch bolt is 3-3/32" long by 1" wide by 3/16" thick. The latch bolt clearance is 5/16" from the back of the base to the under side of the latch bolt and projects out 15/16". The latch projects out 1-9/16" from the face of the door when installed. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Surface Mounted Slide Bolt Latch and Toilet Partition Locks. Manufacture part # 5060.  Shipped with mounting screws.

  3. $45.10
    SKU: 9A11300

    Chrome plated inswing door kit for square edge doors and posts. For 1" doors and 1" post. All hardware screws included for installation of these products. All hardware is a gravity close so your door self closing every time. Also known as part number 11300.

  4. $45.10
    SKU: 9A21300

    Chrome plated outswing door kit for square edge doors and posts. For 1" doors and 1" post. All hardware screws included for installation of these products. All hardware is a gravity close so your door self closing every time. Also known as part number 21300.

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