All slide bolt latches are in stock for fast delivery. Surface mount slide latches are easy to install on your bathroom partition doors, we offer chrome plated, cast stainless steel, stamped stainless steel and aluminum. We usually find chrome plated hardware on Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel and Plastic Laminate Restroom Stalls.  The stainless steel bathroom locks are a great way to strengthen the mechanisms on all doors.   The aluminum hardware is usually only found on Solid Plastic or HDPE partitions.  All partition door latches will come with security screws standard for 1" thick doors. Indicator slide bolt latches are great for your customers to know who is in the toilet stall. Commercial ADA bathroom stall door locks are required for all handicap doors over 32" widths. These latches are specifically designed for easy entrance and egress for the handicapped.

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