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Bathroom Partition Hinges for Restrooms

We have an entire supply of bathroom partition hinges for sale right here online. Sort through our three pages of bathroom partition hinges or perform an exact search with our Search tool.

Our stock of bathroom partition hinges comes from some of the number one bathroom partition hinges manufacturers in the U.S. Plus, we will ship the bathroom partition hinges anywhere in the U.S. Orders requesting shipments to Canada and other countries worldwide will also be accepted.

We have been distributing bathroom partition hinges to consumers and businesses for over 40 years. We have provided bathroom partition hinges to a large number of businesses since our start in the 1970’s. We are always looking forward to working with more businesses that require new bathroom partition hinges now and in the future.

Our Supply of Bathroom Partition Hinges

Bathroom partition hinges are generally gravity hinges (also known as self-closing hinges). This means that the hinge will automatically close both standard partition doors or partition doors that meet ADA regulations. Most of our bathroom partition hinges are in stock right now and can be delivered to you promptly.

All restroom partition hinges on our site will be delivered to you with security screws and mounting fasteners. Surface mount hinges and surface mounted hinge sets usually have a simple setup, but let us know if you would like guidance while installing any bathroom partition hinges that you purchased from our web store.

The bathroom partition hinges we have in stock come in all sorts of materials, so it’s just a matter of what you think will go best with the restroom you are tending to. We offer bathroom partition hinges that are chrome plated, cast stainless steel, stamped stainless steel and aluminum.  

Our bathroom partition hinges supply consists of piano hinges, hinge pins, pivot hinges, integral hinge sets and other bathroom partition hinges and supplies that are essential to hinge repair. Below are a few of our commonly used bathroom partition hinges described in detail for you.

Heavy-Duty Toilet Partition Hinges

If you are interested in extra strength bathroom partition hinges, we recommend a full length piano hinge with a 1/4" pin. We have many different styles of piano hinges in our webstore. The stainless steel Partition Door Piano Hinge is the most heavy-duty of the continuous piano hinges that we carry.

Most of the piano hinges we sell, including the stainless steel Partition Door Piano Hinge, have the ability to keep the partition door open slightly. This comes in handy when a person wants to know whether there is someone currently using the stall or if it is open for use.

Review the diagram on the stainless steel Partition Door Piano Hinge product page to explore the different ways of mounting the Partition Door Piano Hinge. Mount the bathroom partition hinges on the inside of inswing partition doors and on the outside of outswing partition doors. In order to properly install the Partition Door Piano Hinge, the partition door should be closed while mounting the product flat. 

Another piano hinge option is the Partition Door Piano Hinge with Cover. The cover is mostly for aesthetic purposes. This product comes in either a right-handed or left-handed style and is made from aluminum anodized material.

Aluminum Wrap Hinges

The Hiny Hiders 8" Wrap Around Hinge Set is also made out of anodized aluminum that is clear. These bathroom partition hinges are to be used on 1-inch thick solid plastic partition doors.

These bathroom partition hinges are also reversible. See directions for setup on the corresponding product page.

Integral Hinge Set

We offer two types of Integral Hinge Sets. The Hiny Hiders Partition Integral Hinge Pin Kits are available with the new stealth L brackets that provide extra strength. L brackets act as a support to the hinge pins and keep them from breaking. 

This is one of our many restroom partition hinges that has the installation directions on its product page. Everything in the product photo comes with the Hiny Hiders Partition Integral Hinge Pin Kit.

We also carry the Partition Door Integral Hinge Set with top and bottom hinge pins. These integral hinge sets should be used with solid plastic bathroom partitions. See directions on the product page for setting up the integral hinge set.

We sell a set of four Comtec Stealth Brackets for Integral Hinges separately. L brackets are an important support for hinge pins because hinge pins tend to bend or break when there has been too much swinging of the partition door. 

Speak To Toilet Partition Hinges Experts

Our bathroom partition hinges experts are ready to talk with you about your order. Tell us what you would like to know about the bathroom partition hinges that we carry online. We will be with you in an instant if you direct your bathroom partition hinges questions to our main office during business hours.

Email our office at OR give us a ring at 1 (800) 642-2403. Customer emails and voicemails left on weekends regarding toilet partition hinges will receive a direct response on the nearest upcoming business day.

Our staff members are seasoned professionals in the toilet partition industry, so they definitely know a thing or two about toilet partition hinges. Whether it’s a toilet partition hinges installation question, a pricing question or a shipping question, we have got you covered. Relay your bathroom partition hinges questions to us soon so we can begin assisting you immediately.

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  1. $132.83
    SKU: 9A8674

    Partition Door Piano Hinge W/Cover rh in/lh out 54" aluminum anodized is a heavy duty 1/4" pin with spring to close. this hinge has 5 holes on each side with 13" centers and starts at 1" from top and bottom. The cover makes the hinge holes not as noticeable. Also known as 8674.

  2. $132.83
    SKU: 9A8684

    Partition Door Piano Hinge W/Cover lh in/rh out 54" aluminum anodized is a heavy duty 1/4" pin with spring to close. this hinge has 5 holes on each side with 13" centers and starts at 1" from top and bottom. The cover makes the hinge holes not as noticeable. Also known as 8684.

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