Bathroom Stall Doors for Commercial Partitions

Bathroom stall doors are commonly used in commercial restrooms to provide the utmost in privacy.  Partition door manufacturers offer many options for enhanced privacy and these can range from taller doors to privacy door strips that block the gaps on either side of the door.

Some available options:

  • Partition doors can also offer self-closing hinges that help keep the doors closed at all times when not in use.
  • Some hinges are adjustable if you prefer to have the doors slightly open for your employees or customers.
  • Most doors are 58” in height and are mounted 12” from the floor.
  • All door kits include a turn or slide latch for locking the door, a doorstop keeper, and hinges.
  • Most partition hinges are the wrap around type onto the pilaster.

Material options for bathroom stall doors:

Shipping options:

Delivery times can range between four business days to four weeks. This timeframe will be dependent on the manufacturer selected. Normal doors can ship out in 48 hours and are delivered to you within one week.

We can provide recommendations for obtaining your restroom stalls quicker. Some brands do offer next day shipping on certain materials with up charges.