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Partition Brackets

Browse our stockpile of toilet partition brackets for restroom partitions. The bathroom partition brackets we sell can be used in public restrooms to replace any worn out bathroom partition brackets that were previously in place.

We have been selling brackets and similar hardware for almost 40 years, and we assure you that the bathroom partition brackets you receive from us are some of the best around. We have been able to supply bathroom partition brackets to many types of organizations and we always welcome working with other companies.

Our website offers a time-saving way to shop for bathroom partition brackets. There is no need to make trips to the hardware store when you have an online source for purchasing bathroom partition brackets from your home or place of business. Our wish is that our user-friendly service greatly accommodates our customers while they shop for bathroom partition brackets.

Bathroom Partition Brackets Styles

In order to make sure you purchase the right parts and can assemble them correctly, you will have to understand a little bit about how bathroom partition brackets work. Bathroom partition brackets are pretty much what hold restroom partitions together. Without bathroom partition brackets, your restroom partitions would very likely be useless. 

There are several different kinds of bathroom partition brackets plus similar hardware that often falls under the same category. You will want to understand what type of brackets are required to fix your bathroom stall before placing your order.

Among the different types of bathroom partition brackets are U shaped brackets, L shaped brackets, H shaped brackets and F shaped brackets. It’s easy to gauge which type of bracket it is when you look at its shape.

U shaped bathroom partition brackets create a T to connect a pilaster to a panel. There are also Continuous U Shaped Brackets which are much longer than the standard shaped U bracket.

Our bathroom partition brackets supply also consists of one ear and two ear brackets. One ear brackets also go by the name one wing bracket or single leg bracket. They are also sometimes called F shaped brackets. 

One ear brackets are used at the end panel on the back wall of partitions. Two ear brackets are used with mid bracket panels to mount partitions to the back wall. Fasteners are included with all brackets. 

Urinal Screen Bracket

We carry several styles of urinal screen brackets. The urinal screen brackets that we have for sale come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Urinal screen brackets hold urinal screen dividers to the restroom wall. 

Alcove Clips

We carry a few types of alcove clips. Alcove clips connect a panel to a pilaster inline while partition braces help support a panel off the floor.

We have die cast zamak Alcove Clips that can be used on 1-inch doors and 1-¼-inch posts. We also have the Alcove 2 Piece Clip Set in die cast zamak and stainless steel.

Pilaster Shoes

We also have pilaster shoes listed in our selection of brackets. Pilaster shoes are often referred to as floor shoes. We have two types of pilaster shoes in stock on our webstore.

Both of the floor shoes we sell can be used on square shaped posts. They are both made of zamak metal, but they differ in size. 

Product Sizes

Always check the sizing details of the brackets we sell. This will show you what size pilasters each bracket can generally be used with. The hardware could be good to use on 1-¼ inch thick pilasters and 1-¼ inch thick panels, but not on another size.

Toilet Partition Brackets Materials

Check to see the material the brackets are made out of. We offer brackets in a variety of materials such as chrome plated zamak die cast metal, stamped stainless steel, cast stainless steel, and extruded anodized aluminum. 

The product pages will have descriptions of which material each bracket product is constructed of. Our product descriptions not only show you the material of the hardware, but they also display part numbers, sizes, how the product is used and any important attachments that come with it. Type of material will be a significant decision to make when purchasing bathroom partition brackets so don’t overlook it.

Zamak die cast is the standard material that you will see on many bathroom partition brackets. Each material is good for a specific use. 

Are you looking for seriously strong brackets? If so, then our staff at RB Partitions and Stalls recommend that your bathroom partition brackets have full length aluminum channels or stainless steel continuous channels.

Bathroom Partition Brackets Online Distributors

If it is a weekday during business hours, then our bathroom partition brackets team is currently standing by to answer your questions. We will also respond to messages sent to us during the weekend on the following business day.


Facilitating the process of buying new bathroom partition brackets so that you can make large scale improvements to your building’s restroom is our mission. We try to lend a hand in distributing great products such as bathroom partition brackets to customers whenever we can.

We would like to further assist you with your questions about material, size, price, shipping, and installation of bathroom partition brackets. Send out an email about bathroom partition brackets to so that we can take care of answering those questions that you have. For more direct assistance with brackets, you can even call our business phone at (800) 642-2403.

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    SKU: 9A2669

    Stamped SS Continuous 'U' Bracket 1/2" x 1-3/8" X 57". 18 gauge (.05" thick) stamped stainless steel construction. Base is 1-1/8" x 57" long. Legs project out 1-1/2" with the thru hole at 1-1/8" from the base. Mounting and thru bolts every 13" or so. Manufacturer part # 2669. Screws included with bracket.

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