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Aluminum Bathroom Partition Latches
All partitions slide bolt latches are in stock for fast delivery. Surfacemount Slide latches are easy to install on your bathroom doors. Replacing old hardware with new will change your bathroom doors to looking new again. All partition latches will come with security screws standard for 1" thick doors. All ada bathroom stall locks are required for all handicap doors over 32", 34", 36" width. These latches are special to the handicap to make it easier to lock and unlock the doors.

RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog

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    Aluminum Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch 3-1/2" Screws

    Clear anodized aluminum construction. Base is 4-1/2" by 2" by 1/8" thick and projects out 1-5/8". Latch bolt is 1" wide by 3-1/8" long by 1/4" thick, and has a 1" throw. This Bathroom Stall Latch is usually used on Solid Plastic (HDPE) Toilet Partition's. Manufactures part # are 5054, 5058 and 650-8543. Also known as Toilet Partition Locks.

    Shipped with mounting hardware.

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    The Comtec Toilet Partitions Aluminum Slide Bolt Latch 3-1/2" between screws is usually used on Solid Plastic (HDPE) Toilet Partitions.  Base is 4-1/2" tall by 2" wide by 1/8" thick. Latch bolt is 3-1/8" long by 1" wide by 1/4" thick, and has a 1" throw. The latch bolt is 9/16" from the bottom of the base to the under side of the latch bolt. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Aluminum Slide Bolt Latch and Toilet Partition Locks. Clear anodized aluminum construction.  The manufacture part #'s are 4988, 650-4051, 650-8543 and HLSLA.  This latch ships with the mounting screws.

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