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1.2 $1.20
Coat Hook 3" Projection X 1-3/4" High Chrome plated Zamac die cast construction. The hook base measures 1-3/16" wide by 1-9/16" high.
6.5 $6.50
chrome plated For use on Accurate Metal Toilet, for 1-1/4" round edge pilaster. 50-8511530
2.9 $2.90
Used on Accurate Toilet Partitions Metal Partitions ACL5
12 $12.00
Accurate Turn Latch & Cover also known as 50-2511390, 50-2511380, 50-8511589, 50-8511500 complete. Chrome Plated.
28 $28.00
Accurate Turn Latch & Cover Stainless Steel. Also known as 50-2261390, 50-2261380, 50-8261589 complete.
1.95 $1.95
used on Accurate Toilet Partitions Metal Partitions 50-3480015
2.88 $2.88
Used on Accurate Toilet Partitions Metal Partitions 50-2987300, bottom door insert closure
0.6 $0.60
Accurate Bottom Cam Bolt-3/8-16X1, Hex Head Used on Accurate Toilet Partitions Metal Partitions 50-3113810
5.5 $5.50
used on Accurate Metal Toilet Partitions 50-4982410 mounts in bottom hinge.
5.5 $5.50
used on accurate partitions lower door 50-2982400
11.75 $11.75
Accurate Top or Bottom Hinge for laminate doors top or bottom for 1 1/4" Chrome plated Zamac die cast construction. The hinge measres
5.06 $5.06
Accurate Partitions Laminate "U" Trim Door Insert for Top or Bottom 1" Door Chrome plated Zamac die casting construction. Large hole is
3 $3.00
Fiat Partitionas Top Hinge Pin Laminate Hinge Pin 3/8" Diameter x 3-7/16" Long Knurled steel construction. Hinge pin is 3-1/2" long by
5 $5.00
Used on Global and Accurate Toilet Partitions Plastic Laminate partitions also known as 9g631e, 89820, 89830
9 $9.00
Cast Stainless Steel Used on many Toilet Partition Manufacturers Plasitc Laminate stalls 40-8562304

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