Ada Grab Bars

Grab bars provide additional support when using a restroom. The function of grab bars is to give the restroom user additional support when getting onto and off of a toilet. This bar allows the user to pull, lift or maneuver them self when visiting the restroom. Restroom dimensions vary so there are a number of designs to help meet customers’ needs. The most common design is a straight bar with 2 anchoring contact points. There are also another variant to this design where there is a center post for additional support. Other varieties offer angles for corners, floor mount and wall mount, as well as some that are on a pivot that can swing away when not needed. Grab bar s are utilized in wet, dry, and areas with heavy traffic as they are very durable and versatile.

There are a number of options and features available when looking at grab bars. A base line for grab bars is that they are constructed of 18 gauge Stainless Steel in an #4 Satin finish. For stalls that need to be in compliance with ADA regulations, a 42” Grab bar for the side wall and a 36” for the back are the minimum sizes allowed. These are also the most commonly used in restrooms but sizes that we offer are 16, 18, 24, 32, 36, 42, 48 and 52. Concealed Snap Flanges are the most common installation for grab bars as this hided the hardware when installing. We offer three mounting options: Concealed Snap Flange, Set Screw Concealed Flange and Exposed Mounting.  Other options include diameter size and a textured finish. Diameter sizes offered are 1.5” (most common) and 1.25” (less common). A textured finish (Peened) is often used in wet areas so there is additional grip for safety and smooth (Non-Peened) are often used in most restroom applications. To help with ADA Regulations, we have attached pictorials guidelines below for installation.

side wall grab bars back wall grab bar

Side Wall

  • Grab bar must be 42” length Minimum
  • Located 12” Maximum from Rear Wall
  • Must extend 54” Minimum from Rear Wall
  • Must be 33”-36” above Finished Floor

Back/Rear Wall

  • Grab bar must be 36” length Minimum
  • Must extend from centerline of toilet, 12” min. on one side and 24” min. on the other
  • If wall can’t accommodate/permit for 36” bar, a 24” wide min. centered on toilet may be used.

Since 1970, we’ve been helping our customers ensure that their public bathrooms are accessible to all people. With more than 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to help supply your public bathroom with the right parts and accessories. ADA Grab bars are essential for ensuring handicap accessibility for your bathroom. Our wide range of grab bars come in several shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits in your bathroom stalls. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

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  1. Grab bars - ADA Compliant

    The Handicap Grab Bar is fabricated of #18 gauge stainless steel with a #4 satin finish.  They are available in 1 1/4” and 1-1/2” outside diameter.  All bars maintain a constant 1 1/2” offset, which is the distance between the inside of the bar and the mounting surface.  The mounting flanges have a 3” diameter.  We offer two types of mounting,  exposed screw mounting and snap on flange concealed. When properly installed they will easily support up to 250 pounds.  The recommended height for mounting these grab bars is 33 to 36” above the finished floor, but heights vary depending on local codes.  The overall length of a 12" grab bar is 15" due to the 3" diameter flanges.  Due to the various materials that these are mounted on, screws are not included.

    As low as $44.28
  2. Bobrick Straight Grab Bars B-6806

    Bobrick stainless steel straight grab bars for 1-1/2" diameter with a snap on flange to conceal the screws. Type 304 stainless steel tubing. Maximum weight capacity is 250lbs Known as B-6806x18, B-6806x36 and B-6806x42.

    As low as $64.00
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