Bobrick Washroom Accessories

We have a number of Bobrick washroom accessories that are ready to order on our online store. Be sure to place your order right here if you need Bobrick washroom accessories for a bathroom that you are working on.

Bobrick washroom accessories are geared toward designers of commercial restrooms when they need certain supplies like commercial soap dispensers, mirrors, toilet paper dispensers and more. Some Bobrick washroom accessories can also be used for home purposes.

We only sell our products from dependable manufacturers that we trust. Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. continues to provide the U.S., Canada and Europe with innovative and reliable Bobrick washroom accessories.   

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. has been a leading name in washroom accessories for bathrooms and commercial restrooms for decades. We are proud to provide you with commercial bathroom accessories from only the best name brands including Bobrick.

Be sure to call or email us if you have any questions about shipping and handling of your Bobrick washroom accessories. Our skilled staff’s knowledge of bathroom accessories will help you to determine which Bobrick bathroom accessories are the best fit for your commercial restroom. We can help you with selecting the products and a finish, and we will guide you in our Bobrick washroom accessories pricing options.  

Bobrick Washroom Appliance Options

Bobrick is known for manufacturing durable stainless steel washroom accessories. These are some of the stainless steel accessories they make.

  • Bobrick grab bars
  • Towel bars
  • Surface-Mounted soap dishes
  • Toiletry shelves
  • Bathroom door bumpers
  • Bobrick paper towel dispensers and waste bins
  • Hand dryers
  • Bobrick soap dispensers
  • Bobrick toilet paper dispensers
  • Bobrick mirrors
  • Bobrick sanitary napkin dispensers and disposal receptacles
  • Shower curtain rods and hooks

Bobrick makes plenty more stainless steel bathroom accessories if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this list. Browse our selection of Bobrick washroom accessories to find the exact equipment you want to add to your commercial restroom.

You can also use a Bobrick coat hook with bumper made of aluminum casting to hang purses or jackets. The rubber bumper was installed in order to prevent partitions or walls from getting damaged if the hook bumps into them.

Some heavy-duty Bobrick washroom accessories even come with locks that require a Bobrick paper towel dispenser key or a Bobrick toilet paper dispenser key in order to replace the rolls. This ensures that nobody tampers with the roll and only a certain amount of paper can be dispensed at a time.  

We sell many of these Bobrick washroom accessories on Partitions and Stalls online store. We are proud Bobrick distributors and buying from us online is an easy process.

Bobrick also has a line of baby changing stations to service their customers with growing families. Koala Kare Child Care Products is a division of Bobrick that is focused on childcare equipment for commercial restrooms. They also make sanitary bed liners that create a barrier between the baby and the surface of the changing station.

If you are looking to add some innovation to your commercial restroom, try Bobrick’s Falcon cartridge for water-free urinals. The urinal is easy to install and it’s an absolute water saver.

New Bobrick Bathroom Accessories

The company recently made some add-ons to its tampon and sanitary napkin dispensers to include free vending or use with token options. These new Bobrick sanitary napkin dispensers come with a button that can be pushed for easy access to dispense a sanitary napkin.  

Bobrick also recently came out with their new Designer Series counter-mounted soap dispensers. These Bobrick soap dispensers operate with an automatic touch-free design, meaning it dispenses soap when you put your hand near the sensor. Basically, you won’t have to get your hands germy when turning the faucet handle on or off.  

The Designer Series Bobrick soap dispensers also have a top-fill option where you can easily refill it when the soap runs out. You can choose whether you want a polished nickel, polished chrome, polished brass or brushed nickel finish.

About Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. is headquartered in North Hollywood, CA with five other locations across the U.S. The washroom accessories company also has various locations in Canada and Europe.  

Bobrick has been manufacturing high-quality and solid washroom accessories for decades serving customers in the U.S. and internationally. Bobrick International provides Bobrick washroom accessories in several international regions for those who live overseas. They even have designated websites for Europe, the UK, Germany and Latin America.

Over the years, they have become a leading manufacturer of washroom accessories including but not limited to Bobrick mirrors, Bobrick soap dispensers, Bobrick grab bars, Bobrick paper towel dispensers, Bobrick sanitary napkin dispensers and Bobrick toilet paper dispensers. They aim to keep their manufacturing methods green and environmentally friendly.   

Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. uses environmentally friendly manufacturing methods for their restroom accessories. Much of their efforts are focused on keeping the company procedures and practices green in order to keep the environment healthy.   

Make Us Your Go-To Bobrick Distributors

At Partitions and Stalls, we sell pages of Bobrick washroom accessories on our online store. If you’re a designer who thinks that Bobrick washroom accessories will serve a good purpose and add a comforting aesthetic to your commercial restroom, don’t hesitate to order your Bobrick bathroom accessories from us.   

We have a page dedicated to Bobrick washroom accessories that you can come back to without difficulty. We also sell these Bobrick bathroom accessories at an affordable price for your convenience.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Bobrick washroom accessories you were thinking of ordering, please feel free to ask us on our . We are always ready to answer your questions so that you can be completely satisfied with your order. Email us at and we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.

Bookmark this page and make us your go-to Bobrick distributors for your Bobrick themed commercial restroom. We are always here to make your Bobrick washroom accessories order quick and effortless.

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  1. Bobrick Contura Series Napkin/Tampon Dispenser

    Bobrick Contura series surface mounted napkin/tampon dispenser with two models to choose from. The unit is satin finish stainless steel on exposed surfaces and is 14-3/8" w x 28-3/8" ht and has adjustable flange surface mounts. Choice of Free or .25 cents for your customers. The model #'s B-47069-25 and B-47069-C are the two that we offer, see detailed sheet for more information.

    As low as $2,300.00
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