Get your Metpar partition parts right here from our partitions and stalls website. At Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls, we carry Metpar hardware for public restroom stalls. You can order the Metpar hardware you need online which makes the search process more convenient for designers, architects and individuals who are responsible for designing or renovating public restrooms. 

If you are in charge of design or maintenance of a public restroom, you might come across Metpar brand partitions during your job. You can easily order any replacement parts you need for Metpar partitions on our web store. 

Our website has one designated section specifically for Metpar toilet partition hardware. You can always save this Metpar partition parts page so that you have it ready for future repairs to your Metpar-themed restroom. You should have the least number of obstacles possible when working on your commercial restroom, so we’ve made ordering Metpar toilet partition hardware an easy process for you.

As reputable Metpar distributors, we make sure that we are consistently providing our customers with high-grade stalls and stall parts from only the most highly regarded partitions brands. We have gotten to know Metpar Corporation and the quality of the Metpar hardware they produce is excellent. We have come to the conclusion that Metpar toilet partition hardware has proven to be tough and long-lasting day in and day out.

Metpar Corporation Company Profile

Metpar Corporation was initially founded as Metpar Steel Products Corporation by a man named Edward Buksbaum. The company was originally started in 1952 in Long Island City, New York, and four years later moved to Westbury, New York. Westbury is where the company is currently headquartered, and there are a few other Metpar locations across the U.S.

Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls are Metpar distributors and we have plenty of Metpar toilet partition hardware in stock right now. We have had the privilege of seeing Metpar hardware for stalls deliver customer satisfaction and stellar results overall.

Metpar Corp. is always adding value to its products by providing new material options and inventive ideas. Because of this, the company keeps growing and remains a highly esteemed manufacturer of partitions and stall parts.

Browse Metpar Partition Parts

Look through our collection of Metpar door hardware for bathroom partitions to find the part that needs replacing. We have a variety of Metpar latches and Metpar hinges in our Metpar hardware list. Metpar hinges we carry include the top hinge for square-edged pilaster posts, the bottom hinge for square-edged pilaster posts, the top pivot hinge for round-edged pilaster posts, and the bottom pivot hinge for round-edged pilaster posts.

Oftentimes, your Metpar hinges may require new parts. Our online store has a handful of Metpar partition parts to go with your Metpar hinges. We have the Metpar top hinge pin constructed of knurled steel, threaded steel or zinc plated steel, the Metpar top hinge door escutcheon, the Metpar unplated top hinge casting, and more.

Our page is set up so that you can do a quick search in order to find the correct Metpar partition parts for your commercial restroom’s partitions. We hope that your search for the right Metpar toilet partition hardware goes as smoothly as possible and that you are left with little to no questions about Metpar partition parts at the end of your ordering experience.

Metpar Concealed Latch

We have a few types of Metpar concealed latches in our Metpar hardware inventory.  The Metpar slide bolt latch is made of chrome plated Zamac die cast metal and has a sliding latch to keep the stall door locked. These types of partition slide bolt latches are commonly used in public restrooms. 

Other Metpar concealed latch hardware we carry include the Metpar partition latch knob cover and the Metpar ADA compliant latch knob cover. If a latch is ADA compliant, it means that it adheres to The Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

The Metpar keeper bumper concealed should be used on stall doors that have a Metpar concealed latch. This Metpar hardware works with partitions that have round-edged posts or pilasters. The part is shipped with screws for mounting.

If you need more direction on how to install Metpar concealed latch, please feel free to email us or give us a call. We would like to accommodate you when you place your order of Metpar partition parts. We hope our assistance will help contribute to your outstanding public restroom design and repairs.

More Metpar Slide Bolt Latches

We also carry a few other kinds of Metpar slide bolt latches. For an extra sturdy and damage resistant lock, try the cast stainless steel Metpar slide bolt latch (also known as the surface mounted slide bolt latch). Your order will come with screws for mounting your Metpar toilet partition hardware.

Metpar’s surface mounted slide bolt latch also comes in chrome plated Zamac die cast metal. These two Metpar slide bolt latches have the same dimensions and really only differ in material.

We are committed to making certain that you have the right Metpar latch for your commercial restroom. If you are unsure of which Metpar concealed latch or Metpar slide bolt latch your restroom will require, please let us know so that we can assist you further.

Which Metpar Hardware Fits Your Metpar Stalls?

Throughout our years as Metpar distributors, we’ve realized that choosing the right Metpar hardware for your building’s bathroom stalls will save you time in the long run. Ordering the incorrect Metpar partition parts could mean having to wait for a new order to be shipped out to you. Requesting our help with your Metpar toilet partition hardware order might be the best possible solution for this.

Send your Metpar toilet partition hardware questions to Our dedicated staff members are eager to lend a hand and help you come to a conclusion about which Metpar partition parts will work best for the repairs that your stalls require.

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  1. Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch SS

    The Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch is constructed of Cast Stainless Steel.  The latch base is 4" high with 2-3/4" hole spacing. Latch bolt is 3-3/16" long by 3/4" wide by 3/16" thick. The latch bolt clearance is 9/16" from the back of the base to the under side of the latch bolt and projects out 15/16". The latch projects out 1-9/16" from the face of the door when installed. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Surface Mounted Slide Bolt Latch and Toilet Partition Locks. Manufacture part # 5023.  Shipped with mounting security screws.  Also known as 9F0302SS.

    This latch is the same as our 9F0302 (5020), but is made of cast stainless steel, which is much more durable and heavy duty.

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