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Are you currently in the process of designing restrooms for a building or a business? As an architect or designer, you may have chosen to use All American partitions in your facility’s restrooms. Maybe the partitions were already in place and you noticed the All American Metal Corp. (AAMCO) logo on the stalls. Either way, it’s crucial that you know where to order All American partition hardware in case a part needs replacing.

You can buy All American toilet partition hardware on our RB Partitions and Stalls online store. This page of our website is completely dedicated to All American partition parts so our customers can find everything they need all in one place.

We take pride in providing our customers with partition parts from trusted companies, and we are always pleased with AAMCO’s talent and manufacturing abilities. You can be confident that the All American stall hardware you order from us is well-constructed and made to last.

Your All American partition hardware can be shipped out the same day if you place your order before 2:00 p.m. EST. This will be dependent on which All American stall parts you would like to order. Don’t delay and you will receive your order of All American stall parts just in time to make repairs and upgrades to your building’s restrooms.

All American Stall Hardware Products

We sell many of the All American partition parts that architects and building owners may eventually need to replace in their building’s All American restroom stalls. You can decide between a few different All American latch types including the toilet partition slide bolt latch and the partition latch knob and cover.   

If you need top or bottom All American hinges for stalls, we have those parts in stock and ready to ship. The All American hinges are made of chrome plated die cast metal and are meant to be used on used on All American brand plastic laminate stalls. We also sell the All American pin part for hinges on their plastic laminate stalls.

Maybe you overlooked the All American partition parts you need. Our online store has a lot more to choose from. You can also order All American cams for hinges and All American inserts with a polished chrome finish.

Whether you need All American hinges, All American pins or All American cams for hinges, All American latches or All American inserts for your restroom stalls, we have just the parts for you. We also sell other All American partition parts for commercial restroom stalls on our web store. Make sure you browse our online store for any more All American stall hardware that your building’s restrooms require.

About All American Metal Corp.

AAMCO manufactures partitions for commercial restrooms. They have been in business for about 50 years and are devoted to making top of the line, durable partitions and stall hardware for architects and facility owners who are in the process of designing restrooms.

The partitions manufacturer sets itself apart from the rest by producing bathroom stalls that are ADA compliant. All American partitions can be a perfect fit for any facility restroom, especially if you want it to be ADA inclusive.

At RB Partitions and Stalls, we sell the All American partition hardware that may have to be eventually updated on your commercial restroom partitions. We are confident in AAMCO’s decades of hard work and innovation in the partitions industry because we have seen the reliability of their products first-hand. AAMCO has proven to hold true on their mission to use their quality skills and craftsmanship to manufacture durable partitions and partitions hardware that can be used in all sorts of buildings and business facilities.

AAMCO also aims to keep their manufacturing processes environmentally friendly. AAMCO uses  The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, and your AAMCO construction project can earn points toward becoming LEED Certified. You can earn points if the AAMCO products you use in your building fall under one or more of these categories: Recycled content OR local regional, low emitting, certified wood or rapidly renewable materials. 

A LEED Certification will earn your construction project high credibility and a good standing to the public eye. Be sure to check out their chart to determine how many points you can earn for each material used.

AAMCO also makes separated showers and dressing areas for rooms that are meant for more than one individual. They also manufacture urinal screens for optimal privacy.

All American Stall Parts Distributors

We are All American partition hardware distributors with decades of industry experience. Our expert staff have the skills and knowledge base to set you up with the All American toilet partition hardware that your commercial restroom requires.

If you’re unsure of what All American stall parts need to be replaced on your partitions, let us know. We are here to guide you along in your purchase process. We can help you decide which All American partition hardware you should order whether it be All American hinges, All American latches, All American inserts, All American cams, All American pins or a combination of these parts.

Give us a call or email us at to ask us your questions related to All American stall parts. We want to help you pick out the correct All American partition hardware for your building’s restroom.

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  1. All American Toilet Partition Hinge Pin 5/16" Dia x 2 13/16" Long

    The All American Toilet Partition Hinge Pin has a 5/16" Diameter x 2 13/16" Long, and is used in conjunction with the top hinge.  The manufactures part number is 101.

  2. All American Toilet Partition Pintle 1/2" Dia

    The All American Toilet Partition Pintle 1/2" Diameter is used on metal and plastic laminate restroom stalls.  This component is used on the hinges to make the door self closing.

  3. All American Toilet Partition Hinge Pin

    The All American Toilet Partition Hinge Pin is used on plastic laminate restroom stalls.  The pin measures 3/8" diameter by 3-7/16" long.

  4. All American Toilet Partition Bottom Door Insert

    The All American Toilet Partition Bottom Door Insert is for use on there plastic laminate restroom stalls.  The insert has a polished chrome finish.

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