Concealed Latches

All partitions door concealed turn latch knobs and covers are in stock for fast delivery. We offer them in a chrome plated or cast stainless steel finish. The concealed turn latch knobs and covers will come with the security screws if needed.  We carry most manufacturers in stock, be careful most manufacturers look the same but are not. Most manufacturers have a name on the cover plate which goes on the outside of the door(1-1/2" diameter chrome plated or stainless steel). There should also be some numbers on the inside of the latch knob and cover plate, those numbers should be on our website in the search.

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Accurate Partitions Old Style Locking Mechanism
Accurate old style
General Partitions Locking Mechanism
     General / Knickerbocker
Global, Flushmetal and Accurate New Style Locking Mechanism
Global, Flushmetal
Hadrian Partitions Locking Mechanism
Hadrian Partitions
Sanymetal Partitions Locking Mechanism
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Accurate current to 2013     All American

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  1. Accurate Turn Latch with Screw ADA

    Accurate ADA Turn Latch with Screw. This version started January 2013 for all accurate partition doors and ended September 2021. This old style is the exact same as Global's version, except the name on the cover latch part. Also known as 40-8513350. Chrome plated finish.

    This turn latch will not replace previous version of Accurates old style turn latches that are no longer available.

  2. Global Ada Latch Cover & Knob Stainless Steel

    The Global Partitions stainless steel Ada latch knob & cover, with Screw, are a concealed latch that is held together by a screw.  They are constructed of cast stainless steel metal that is then brushed and polished.  The 9G3370 meets ADA compliance codes. The manufacturer part number is 40-8263370. This was used up until October 2021.

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