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General Partitions Bathroom Stall Hardware

As a commercial restroom designer, you may find that the partitions in the bathroom you are constructing are General Partitions brand stalls. If this is the case, then we have just the products to help in repairing and maintaining your restroom overtime.

Robert Brooke Partitions and Stalls is a General toilet stall parts distributor with 35 years of involvement with the partitions industry. Throughout our years of experience, we have grown as a company and developed expertise in distributing top of the line stall parts from popular brands. 

We are a trusted and reputable partitions parts distributor, so you can count on the top name brands that we choose to work with. We choose to carry and sell General Partitions parts because they have continuously proven their durability and high privacy functions.

If you would like your General restroom stall hardware to be shipped out today, order before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time and your product will likely ship out same day. This is dependent on the product’s lead time. If the product description reads Lead Time: In Stock, then you’re in luck; we have the product currently in our warehouse and ready to be sent to you. Lead Times that are 1-2 days are not in our current stock and will ship from the factory.

General Bathroom Stall Hardware Options

Check our our online store to see what General toilet stall hardware we have available. We have two full pages of General Partitions parts, so take a look and decide which hardware for your commercial restroom you will likely need to use.

Stall latches should always be replaced immediately because they keep the door locked for optimal privacy. We have a few General Partitions latches you could potentially use for your partitions.

Both the General Partitions turn latch knob and ADA turn latch knob are made of Zamac die cast metal, a very common material used for partition hardware. These General Partitions latches are meant to be used on metal stall doors. The General Partitions latch cover product completes both of these General Partitions latches.

You can also order the General Partitions slide bolt latch which is made from Zamac die cast metal, as well. Slide bolt latches are the typical lock you will find in many public restrooms that have a sliding bar that fits through a hole to secure the stall.

We also have other General heavy-duty latch options available such as the latch knob & cover and latch knob, cover & pin set.

Another important restroom stall door piece is the hinge. We carry a few different styles of General hinges that you can find on our General partitions hardware pages. 

Make sure you purchase the correct hinge you need as we carry both top and bottom General hinges. We have top and bottom General Partitions hinges for either round-edged pilaster posts or square-edged pilaster posts, so be sure to examine your stalls and determine which shape you have before making a purchase decision.

Of course, if you only need to replace a segment of a General Partitions hinge in your commercial restroom, we also have various General hinges parts. We have General Partitions hinge pins, hinge pintles and more products that are to be used with General hinges.

We carry General Partitions keeper inswings and outswings with rubber bumper to be used with square-edged pilaster posts. We also have a few different styles of keeper bumpers for concealed latches. Please browse our General toilet stall parts pages to get a better idea of what other General Partitions hardware products we carry.

General Partitions Manufacturing Company Details

General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of top-grade toilet partitions. With 57 years of experience manufacturing toilet partitions and toilet partition parts, they have mastered the art of producing high-quality products that are aesthetically pleasing and made to last. At RB Partitions and Stalls, we appreciate being a distributor of their General bathroom stall parts because we trust in the quality of their toilet partition parts.

Most styles of General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation’s stalls have minimal gaps in them for maximum privacy. Graffiti can be easily wiped clean from their powder coated steel partitions, which can be considered an extra plus for designers and maintenance managers.

General Partitions also manufactures more types of bathroom related products for use in businesses and other buildings. The company makes lockers, urinal screens, public showers, public dressing rooms, and vanity tops for commercial restrooms. Their vanity tops come in different colors, so as an architect or designer, you can match them with the stalls in the public restroom you are designing.

The General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation’s current headquarters is in Erie, PA, but the General restroom stall parts that they manufacture can be ordered online from our website. 

Distributors of General Partitions Parts

For more information about the General bathroom stall parts we sell, please read the product descriptions and/or refer to our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog. These should provide you with the information to get you started on replacing your General restroom stall parts in the restroom you design or maintain.

Even with these descriptions, you might still have more questions or concerns that we are happy to respond to. Email us at or give us a call. We would like to give you solid answers on General Partitions parts and present you with the details that you seek. 

Our experience in the partitions and stalls industry has guided us in the process of becoming  the top General toilet stall parts distributor we are today. Count on us to provide you with valuable assistance in your General Partitions hardware purchasing process.

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